Implementing Hospitality – Part 1

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Hospitality has been the theme of my life lately. Words, advice, situations, Bible reading, and stories I come across all seem to relate to this theme. So I did some intentional internet research and found an article by Richard Krekcir that deals with Implementing Hospitality.

For the whole article go to In Thy Word Website. Type in hospitality in the Search for _________ on this Website button. Click Go. You will see 33 hits. It is the first article. Sorry, despite four tries, I wasn’t able to link directly to the article.

I will divide this article into smaller parts. I will post successive parts after I’ve digested the previous one. Please share your comments and learning with me as we go along.

Part 1

Key Passages on Hospitality are below.

The links are to and include the verses in three translations: NIV, Amplified and NLT. While there you can also click on the commnetary link to get more information.

Matthew 25: 34-43

Luke 10:30-37

Acts 4:32

Romans 12:13

I Timothy 5:10

Hebrews 13:2

I Peter 4:7-11These are the verses that started my hospitality journey.

3 John 1:5-8

I look forward to seeing what you learn.

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  • 1. Keziah  |  . at .

    This should be really interesting. Look forward to reading what you have to teach us!


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    And I look forward to hearing everyone’s input, Keziah.


  • 3. lennie  |  . at .

    Before computers, e-mails & blogging, there were kitchen tables, front porches & back doors. Over coffee or tea & homemade coffe cakes women talked, laughed, cried together.
    I have had the blessed opportunity to develop a friendship with someone from church this past summer. Over Iced Mochas a friendship driven by the Holy Spirit has developed. I have been blessed by 2 means of hospitality, blogging & hanging out by the pool while watching the kids swim. I love this site, but I have to say, the backyard friendship that has developed has been the most meaningful thing for me this summer. A long time need/desire, God has reached down & touch me. He truly knows what each of us Women need in the way of frienship, love & acceptance.
    Thanks for listening.


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Thanks for sharing, Lennie.

    God is indeed a personal God and knows exactly how to give us those deep desires of our heart – even if we don’t know what those desires are.


  • 5. rachel  |  . at .

    i like suv\’s only. i heard the mini van is dead at ford and chevy.


  • 6. shelly  |  . at .

    i love your decorations!


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