7 Things I’ve Recently Learned

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Let’s see if you know what I know. Take this multiple choice quiz. The answers are below.

1. Green Flash is . . . a. a new energy drink. b. the nephew of Green Hornet and Flash Gordon. c. a momentary green spot above the sun visible at sunrise or sunset.

2. a. 5% b. 39% c. 63% . . . of internet users read blogs.

3. a. Synthetic Gecko material b. New Hubble technology c. Ancient archaeological find . . . paves the way for real-life Spider-Men.

4. Personal grooming product squirts out black and disappears when . . . a. teeth b. hands c. hair . . . are/is thoroughly clean.

5. It is possible to trade one . . . a. wingless airplane b. one red paperclip c. year’s salary . . . for a house.

6. Eons.com is . . . a. a creation website. b. a website promoting age-defying health care products. c. an internet site like MySpace that is targeting the 50+ crowd.

7. Our church . . . a. website b. van c. pastor . . . has a new look.


1. Green Flash is a momentary green spot above the sun visible at sunrise or sunset. My sister taught me this. She has taken some awesome pictures lately but none with the rare green flash.

2. 39% of internet users read blogs. 60% of all bloggers do so to keep in touch with family and friends. I blog to keep in touch with supporters, friends, and family.

3. Synthetic Gecko material paves the way for real-life Spider-Men. My nieces are ready to buy such a suit when it becomes available in 25 years or so.

4. Personal grooming product squirts out black and disappears when hands are thoroughly clean. Maybe this should be required of all people using public bathrooms.

5. It is possible to trade one red paperclip for a house. I’d trade a waffle iron for a paid way through seminary. Any takers?

6. Eons.com is an internet site like My Space that is targeting the 50+ crowd. I wonder if I can create a money-making perfume for this site?

7. Our church website has a new look. It has been redone for a little while but I wanted to highlight this in case you haven’t been there recently.

What’s your score? If you didn’t score well, don’t worry, I didn’t either a few weeks ago.

Wanna share what you’ve recently learned?

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  • 1. Duke  |  . at .

    I never knew I could have bought my home with a red paper clip. Where can I do this ?? I have also learned that if I close my mouth & open my ears people ar so very interesting !!
    Am going to look for the green flash tonight !!


  • 2. doodah!  |  . at .

    hmmm… just tried to comment, but blogger is being weird. Hope this doesn’t show up twice!

    What a fun post! I just heard about that one red paperclip guy. He’s writing a book, so we’ll be able to learn all his secrets.

    I recently learned that elderly people are unable to detect extremely hot temperature, which is why they are so succeptible during heat waves. I’d always thought it was just b/c they were more frail, and overheated easily. But they just don’t feel the heat. They can be in a 90-someodd-degree house and not know it. They dehydrate and overheat without feeling the effects. Makes me so glad my mom lives with my sister. Someone to make sure the house is cool.


  • 3. lennie  |  . at .

    Green Flash-I have some of that growing in my fridge.

    I wonder what the other 5% of the population do…..

    How about black toothpaste for kids, then I could holler at my kid “DON’T YOU DARE COME OUT OF THAT BATHROOM UNTIL YOUR TEETH ARE WHITE AGAIN!” or “THOSE TEETH ARE TOO WHITE, GO BACK & MAKE THEN BLACK AGAIN!”

    and I thought it was Mike who had the new look….the superman makeover.

    HMMM, synthetic Gecko, did you know Margarine is 1 molecule from being plastic. Guess Barbie had one too many cubes of margarine.

    I’ll trade some green flash with someone….

    It’s been fun blogging…..


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Duke – so good to see you here. I agree about listening more than talking – it does change my perspective as well.

    If you saw the flash that quickly, you were blessed indeed. Evidently it is a rare sight.

    When my sis told me about it, I doubted the veracity of her claim. I could understand at that moment why the “flat earth” society still exists today. When something seems too fantastical to be true, it seems it just can’t be.

    But after looking at NASA, Wikipedia and a few other reputable sites I gave in and am a believer in the green flash now.


  • 5. Susan  |  . at .

    Thanks, Doodah, I had fun putting it together. I love learning new things and sharing what I learn.

    I’ll be interested to read this red paperclip book. I hope I can learn more from it than I did the book “How To Go to College Almost For Free.”

    I didn’t know that about older people. I thought they just liked hotter temps as they aged. Both my parents kept a VERY warm house the older they got. That is a blessing that your mom has a living temperature monitor. 🙂


  • 6. Susan  |  . at .

    Actually, Lennie, there is red dye that kids can swish in their mouth after brushing their teeth. The red dye attaches itself to any plaque not brushed off. However, as I remember, it is not too tasty. I bought it (when my kiddos were young) in the pharmacy section.

    I did not know that about margarine. If I eat enough of it, can I forgo plastic surgery?

    BTW In case you didn’t know it, I always laugh when I read your replies.


  • 7. lennie  |  . at .

    I like making people laugh.



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