13 MUST Do’s For Community People at CNC

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1. Kids, bring your stamps to church, August 13, for the final count. As of August 8th the girls were in the lead. Turn them in to Lynette or your Sunday School teacher.

2. PEP people have plans to attend lunch and a show at Garbeau’s on Sunday, August 13. If you have any questions, contact Myrna.

3. Submit your recipes (up to three) by Tuesday, August 15. Contact Marsha for forms or queries. You can email her cncwomensministry@yahoo.com.

4. Attention all YOUTH – your Thursday groups will return to Rudat Hall on August 17. Middle Schoolers meets at 6 pm and High Schoolers met at 7 pm. Of course Bryce is the one with the answers for these events.

5. Interested in Missions? Come to the next meeting held at CNC on August 20th at 7 pm. Let Jeff and Jessica know if you have any questions. You can reach them at the office 635-5592, x 15.

6. Sign up for Family Camp at Union Valley Reservoir on August 25-27. To save your spot call Mark W.

7. Couples Weekend to Remember Conference is happening on two dates in October: 13-15 and 20-22. Contact Andy and Christy for more information. If you can make this happen – DO! The time away, the encouragement and the biblical advice you’ll receive will enhance your relationship with each other.

8. For men only – save October 27-29 for a great weekend at Alliance Redwoods. Contact Mark A. for more information.

9. Bring to church your old cell phones and used ink jet cartridges. Let the Women’s Ministry dispose of them for you. So far we’ve collected about 7 phones and 60 cartridges. Thank you for supporting us in this fundraiser.

10. Women’s Ministry is still taking names for those who are able to participate as meal volunteers. We are developing a list of people who can occasionally take a meal to a family/person in need. Let Reggie know of your interest. Email her at cncwomensministry@yahoo.com.

11. Find a small group to be a part of – as a leader or attendee. Both are needed. There’s a list of groups in the church office. Contact Susan for questions or “Yes, I’d love to be a small group leader.”

12. Pick up a revised church directory from the office. The phone numbers it contains are for your use. Invite some folks over for a BBQ, coffee break at La Bou, midnight bowling, or play date at a local park. Use the addresses to send a few encouragement, thank you or glad to meet you cards this week.

13. Do one thing this week to encourage one of our pastors or their wives. The church website (at the bottom) has some great ideas. I’ve included some of the links here , here and here for your convenience.


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All Church Cookbook is Simmering On the Stove Friendship Bread Starter Recipe

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  • 1. catlady  |  . at .

    I so enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them.

    I seem to remember an earlier blog where you mentioned searching for balance in your life or something along those lines. I see that this latest one was posted at 1:40am. Still trying to get that balnce thing figured out? Somebody has to give you hard time, might as well be me. 🙂

    Keep those recipes coming in. I have told people they could submit more than three – I don’t think we’re even up to 200 yet.

    Have a great week!


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    Ok – I’m busted, catlady.

    I did briefly wonder if I could turn off the time so that it wasn’t obvious at what time I posted. But then I thought who will look?

    A friend who cares and helps me stay on track. 🙂

    I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep last night.

    I didn’t realize that we even had close to 200 recipes. That’s AWESOME. Tomorrow I will post the next advertisement we are doing for the cookbook – the one about passing along starter to all the women of the church. Kind of a “tag, you’re it thing.”

    BTW I enjoy writing these.


  • 3. Susan  |  . at .

    Catlady, Do you know how many people have submitted recipes?


  • 4. lennie  |  . at .

    Hey Catlady mine are almost ready to submit. One more to write. By the Michelle Main has some to submit, but I forgot to get them last week. She has them written down, but not on the “proper” form. I told her not to worry we would take care of it.

    I too was up late, fell asleep around midnight, up a 6am to walk.


  • 5. Susan  |  . at .

    Way to go, Lennie.

    Hopefully you will get to bed at a decent hour tonight – me too!



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