He Called Me Daughter Not By My Sin or Disease

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The woman in Luke 8 had been bleeding for 12 years. Because of this bleeding, the people in her community were forbidden to touch her. That’s a long time to be ill and that’s a long time to live without human touch. Luke 8:43-48

These past 12 years I’ve spent all my money on finding a cure for something incurable. I didn’t give up though! I couldn’t give up. Even though I was ceremonially unclean and forbidden to be in crowds, I just had to get to Jesus.

No one else could heal me.

“Jesus won’t heal you,” others told me. “He heals by touch and He won’t touch you.”

Maybe He could. Maybe He would. He’s had compassion on other unclean people.

Somehow I made my way through that swell of humanity and was able to purposefully touch the fringe of His cloak. When I did that! When I did that, the bleeding stopped immediately!

Jesus asked, “Who touched me? Power has gone out from me!”

His disciples chided Him saying that many people were crowding and pressing against Him.

But He knew. And I knew what had happened.

I was hoping I could go away unnoticed, but since I couldn’t, I fell to His feet. Right there in front of everyone, I told Him why I touched Him and how I was instantly healed. I was mortified and frightened and I couldn’t look at anyone. I wondered what the Master would do.

“Daughter,” Jesus said.

He called me daughter?! Maybe it’ll be okay that I purposefully touched Him in my unclean state.

Daughter? A term of endearment? All these years I have suffered rejection from my family and friends because of my unclean state. They said I must be sinning and that God wants nothing to do with me. And that’s why they stayed away from me too.

Daughter? This Master, this Healer cares about me? All these years I’ve been going to doctors who couldn’t help me. I was no-one. And now Jesus calls me daughter.

Daughter,” He said, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

Oh, I’ll go in peace all right. And in joy and thanksgiving. Thank you, Son of Man. Thank you for looking at me as a person and not as a sin or a disease. Thank you for looking at me as a daughter and healing me.

I’ll look at You as more than a Master . . . more than a Healer. To me you are my Salvation.

“Daughter,” what touch from Jesus the Messiah do you earnestly need today? If you want to share your need, I will pray with you.


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  • 1. doodah!  |  . at .

    Beautiful. I’d not attended to his calling her “daughter” before. I love those little details that show Jesus as being so *personal* with people. Like when he tells the women at the tomb, “Go tell my disciples, and Peter…” Peter — who denied me and is curled up in a ball crying and feeling like a loser, right now. Make sure to tell *him*. He cares so much for us.


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    I love that too, doodah.

    Especially because I don’t deserve it and yet He continues to shower His care upon me when I’m “curled up in a ball crying and feeling like a loser.”



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