“Spiritual Gifts Are Like A Box Of See’s Chocolates”

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According to Pastor Mike, “Spiritual Gifts Are Like A Box Of See’s Chocolates.” If you didn’t hear last Sunday’s sermon – call the church office today and reserve a copy.

QUESTION: According to I Corinthians 12:1, why is studying about spiritual gifts a good idea?

Seminar: Wednesday night Pastor Mike will be leading us through an in-depth look at spiritual gifts. To get the most out of the seminar, bring your completed spiritual gift inventory test. (Edited to add – this seminar has passed.)

Wah, I can’t go? If you can’t go or didn’t purchase an inventory (or the seminar is no longer offered), there are many free online tests. Here is one, one here also.

The results vary a little between the tests. I just looked at my top three or so and talked to God and others about them.

Hey, let’s share our results with one another.

I’m not too sure why the title is true. I got stuck thinking about having a nice box of chocolates. Can anyone refresh my mind?

I’m off to order a copy of the sermon (with a red face).

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  • 1. The Autumn Rain  |  . at .

    Funny, this. The past several weeks the college group has been discussing spiritual gifts as well.


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    It’s every where, it seems.

    88 people took the spiritual assessment inventory at church.

    It will be fun and awesome to see how God uses this information in people’s lives.


  • 3. Theresa  |  . at .

    Susan, I just took the online test and it verified what I have tested out on other tests before. Split between Exhortation/Prophecy 50/50, but I think that is because a lot of the Prophecy traits overlap with the Exhortation and Exhortation is truly my first gift, as it is the one I strongly relate to. A very close second was Mercy. Exhortation is a difficult gift for others to receive and I have had hurtful times in relationship where I felt God asking me to exhort and the other person does not accept it well. Sometimes that has been my fault (immaturity at the time or too self involved in a situation) but sometimes it is just the person not wanting to face the truth. So, I think it is good that God has also equipped me with the gift of Mercy. It is my goal to to learn how to use these in tandem and apply them to a needed ministry/service in the church. I haven’t figured that one out yet! :o)


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Exhortation is a tough one. It is so needful for the exhorter to have maturity, like you mentioned.

    But even with maturity,you’re right, the other person doesn’t always receive it well. I guess that’s where you have to be super sure you are to speak and then leave the results to God.

    Exhorters are needed in the church so that we do stay tuned to God’s Word.

    Thanks for being willing to use this “unpopular” gift for our benefit and God’s glory. Many people are not willing/able to speak the hard truth that we sometimes need to hear.

    Theresa, I’d be pleased to have you exhort me anytime because that’s how I’ll grow! Especially since I don’t have a spouse who’ll help me see those growth areas I am blind to.–>



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