Can I Name 25 Ways I Save Money? Can You?

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FrugalForLife wants to start a wave of information- What are 25 different ways you save money?

Here’s my list of what I’ve recently done or am in the process of doing. Don’t know if I’ll hit 25 though. I tried to write about things I didn’t see on the other lists.

  1. Cancel cell phone.
  2. Don’t eat out at fast food places.
  3. Keep a supply of snacks and water in car.
  4. Have only the basic phone service including no long distance.
  5. Use a phone card for long distance calls. It costs me 3.5 cents/minute.
  6. Call Internet provider and car insurance to see if eligible for a lower rate.
  7. Buy Christmas presents year round – shop the sales/clearances. And then STOP. I don’t buy someone more presents because I spent less (well, most of the time).
  8. Check out the dollar store for food. I routinely buy Yoplait yogurts 3 for $1.00.
  9. I buy fresh fruit from the Koreana Plaza market. (Thanks to BB for the tip.) It is much cheaper there, especially when I buy a bag (about 5 pounds) of fruit. I buy a couple of these bags every two weeks or so. Many times it is more than I can eat.
  10. Don’t buy ice cream – make a fruit shake with some of the fruit, milk (or yogurt) and ice cubes. Much better for me and I get more fruit into my diet.
  11. Cancel Netflix. My friends say they don’t mind if I borrow from them. I don’t watch that many movies so it’ll be a long time before I watch all their movies.
  12. Only wear yucky clothes when cleaning or using bleach products. I have this terrible habit of getting bleach stains on my clothes. It is upsetting when they are good clothes. I know this should be a “no duh,” but I’m still learning this one.
  13. Go to BigWords.Com when wanting to buy textbooks. It will compare 6 or so websites to see which one has the best deal. It also compares books, DVDs, video games and music. It then calculates price, shipping, promotions, and coupons at every major store, and finds the lowest total price.
  14. Pray – ask God to show me where to cut back.
  15. Don’t take my credit card, checks or ATM when window shopping.
  16. Keep only a small amount of cash in my purse to prevent splurge buying
  17. I have health insurance for my dog at Banfield Pet Hospital. I save many dollars each year.
  18. This past summer I put shade cloth over my screens. Kept the rooms cooler.
  19. I no longer drink bottled water at home. I use a Brita filter on my water jug.
  20. Tidy up, put like things together. After I did this, I found that I had plenty of shampoo, bar soap and pens.
  21. Use up what I have. Don’t buy anymore or anything like it until the present supply is gone.
  22. Buy printer ink online. Don’t use one of those fill your own ink kits. I think using that product is what killed my printer.
  23. Have a reason to save money. I.e. I want to pay off my school loans. I want to fill a box or two for Operation Christmas Child. I want buy a new iron.
  24. Buy clothes secondhand.
  25. Don’t be in a hurry to buy. Wait and see if it’s a real need. Wait and see if God will provide. Here’s a small example. Last week I was out of tea that I like. Because it wasn’t a necessity, I didn’t go buy more even though I wanted more. Later that day a friend called and said she had an extra box of tea and would I like it. Since I only like a couple of kinds, I asked her what it was. Yep, it was one I liked. Thanks Friend! Thanks GOD!

BONUS: Check your credit card statement carefully for “mistakes.” Yesterday I checked mine and found a strange charge I didn’t authorize. Last year, I gave someone a magazine subscription as a present for Christmas. The subscription is almost over and apparently the company decided to renew it for me! I cancelled that real quick. If I could’ve found a way to talk to a REAL LIVE person, I would’ve left a complaint. I’ve never had this happen to me before.

EDITED to add: Go here to save $149.00!

Now it’s your turn to think of 25 ways (more or less) that you save money.

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  • 1. Becky  |  . at .

    I’m thinking about my 25, but in the meantime, I have to heartily say “Amen!” to the “Shop secondhand stores.” I just went to my local Goodwill last week and I scored a pair of black stretchy pants that are so comfy, I’ve had to talk myself out of wearing them every single day. And for $3. Yahoo!


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    How cool for you, Becky.

    I look forward to reading your tips.


  • 3. Dean  |  . at .

    Nice post, for more tips you can check out my site:


    • 4. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

      Great site thanks


    • 5. susan2009  |  . at .

      Lots of useful info on your site too, Joanie. I especially like the list of gluten free foods. My daughter can’t have gluten, dairy or eggs. So a list like this makes life easier.


  • 6. Lynette  |  . at .

    Ditto great post. Someone else without a cell phone, don’t have one either.
    When I get to be 80 years old or so & someone says to me “You look great for 80, how did you do it”? My reply will be “no cell phone”


  • 7. Susan  |  . at .

    Wow, Dean,
    GREAT site. LOTS of Free stuff and coupons.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    I’ll be signing up to get a few of the things.


  • 8. Susan  |  . at .


    You are so funny!

    SO that’s all it takes to look great at 80?! Glad to know this too. 🙂


  • 9. Theresa  |  . at .

    We don’t have a cell phone either but we did get two track phones. You have to pay more up front, but after an urgent search for a pay phone without finding one, we decided that when I’m out with little kids I shouldn’t be without a way to get help. It costs $100 a year for about 300 minutes…not a lot, but if you only use it for emergency/urgency calls it’s cheap. I loathe the cellphone attached to the ear society we have become where we can’t listen to anyone or observe anything because we are attached to a phone! UGH! When I quit working outside of the home, one of the first joys was not answering the phone! LOL Also, I have been wanting to do one of those “Martha things” and make a list and catalog our DVD library, which is moderately large (and they aren’t all Veggie Tales!). If I ever get that done I will share my list with you and you can borrow something to watch if you can find anything from my nerdy list! :o)


  • 10. Susan  |  . at .


    Great idea about the track phones. SOmeone else mentioned them to me several weeks ago.

    My mom inventoried her collection too.

    I’ll be glad to borrow. I’m into “nerdy” stuff.


  • 11. ~Dawn  |  . at .

    I was wondering if you could correct the link back to as that would be very helpful. Thanks!


  • 12. susan2009  |  . at .


    The link is now correct. Thanks for the notice as I want to make sure people can get to your site. You have so many good tips and information.


  • 13. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

    Here is what I did to stretch a meal. I buy those Country crook meals . The Macaroni and Cheese has enough cheese sauce so that you can boil up price chopper elbow macaroni. The 3 lb box is such a bargain and goes far but you add about 5 cups of boiled macaroni and you have twice the amount of mac and cheese and there is still enough cheese to make it taste good and less calories too.


    • 14. susan2009  |  . at .

      I have tried only one of the Country ctock meals (beef stew I think) and it was tasty. I will try this tip when my son is over. He can eat a lot of macaroni and cheese.


  • 15. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

    Christmas shopping all yr long is a good thing. I agree with the 25 ways to save on Christmas
    BUT you can go to McDonald’s and burger king and get coffee too. At our local Pennsylvania fast foods there are McDonalds bogo coupons out there and at Duncan donuts do the survey when you get your receipt and you qualify for a free donut with your coffee. Also go to the facebook page of Price Chopper on sundays for extra coupon it is always a good one and to on thurs for more store coupons for bargains.
    This christmas I cut my card list down to what I can afford and who ever I didn’t receive from this yr I cut off my list next yr. ALSO after Christmas buy gifts that you can give next yr for about 60% less and buy only items that you know they can’t return .


    • 16. susan2009  |  . at .

      Great tips for the coupons, Joanie. I remember to cut the coupons out, but I don’t remember to bring and then use them.

      Thanks for the tip about the facebook page of Pricechopper. I will be doing this. I think if I get the coupon right before my shopping trip, I will have more luck with remembering to bring and use it.

      I love sending Christmas cards. I always buy them after Christmas to get great sales. Of course now it’s the price of stamps that gets me. I really need to buy the forever stamps and buy some each month to put away for Christmas.


  • 17. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

    I think I am the food savings queen. I have found that most all of the time I am returning ground pork to the grocery stores because it smells the next day and I wouldn’t dare use it. So this past week Price chopper had a coupon to get Center cut boneless pork roast for $1 a lb so I got 9 lbs and cut up some chops and three roasts but saved out 2 lbs to grind up with my oldfashioned meat grinder and made my left over ham from christmas turn into a beautiful ham loaf. Just ike a meat loaf but with gr ham and gr pork equal amounts and parsley and two eggs and some milk and ofcourse bread crumbs and bake for an hr or so on 375 then put a mustard and br sugar mixture over it and bake uncovered for 15 minutes more .
    Well the fresh gr pork was cheaper and I knew it was only good stuff cause I ground it myself.


    • 18. susan2009  |  . at .

      The ham loaf sounds so delish!!!! Great idea to grind it yourself. And what a deal on pork roast. This year I want to get back into once-a-month cooking and so it would make lots of sense for me to buy in bulk like this WITH coupons. Thanks for the ideas, Joanie.


  • 19. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

    Susan2009 Do you live near a price chopper? Also do you have a gas savings program at your price chopper? I was amazed when I got gift money cards at price chopper for red lobster and home depot for Christmas gifts and it counted towards my savings on gas.
    Let me know how you make out with coupons. Also on the store coupons you get when at the register you can use that coupon plus a manufacturers coupon too on one item. Like if it was Puffs tissues and you got a price chopper coupon for 50 cents off and you got another coupon in the sunday paper for puffs for 50 cents off USE BOTH and get $1 off .
    Have a good day


  • 20. Joanie Buchinski  |  . at .

    I save scrap paper to use the other side with my computer to print out on line coupons. Block out names and personal info and also use computer paper you printed out on one side that is blank on the other. The stores accept it and it is only on one side. BUT when you do the coupons you can save but I have never heard of anyone getting groc for pennies except on tv but with The Charmin rebate for Moohlah cash I used that when getting $26 groceries and the other coupons I got from Price choppers site and paid $2.76 and that was a steal to me .How do they do that I mean get groc for pennies like the lady got $100 groc for 25 cents. This amount I paid was my very lowest and I thought I was a coupon queen. SOMEONE Please tell me how to do this !!!!!!


  • […] of Carrots stretches her vegetable to comes up with 25 ways she saves money. 18. Susan has some Fruitful savings by listing 25 ways she saves 19. Busy Blogger got to work on 25 ways to save money as well 20. […]


  • 22. mcdonalds deals  |  . at .

    The best way for you to situate McDonald’s discount coupons is to find them online in printable kind and download them. Make sure to check any fine print for the variety of vouchers that could be made use of at any one time.



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