Sista Frugally Saves $149.00

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Last week Sista went for an eye check.

That’s important to do once you reach a certain (adult) age and there’s a family history of glaucoma. Plus she was having a little trouble finding the correct place to put her book in order to read.

Doctor’s report: Her eyes are fine except for needing reading glasses. The doctor said she could go and get $150.00 pair of glasses from their office . . .

OR . . . go to Longs and get a pair of reading glasses for under $10.00.

When Sista explained her new eye situation to her oldest dd, K, she had an idea.
“Mom, why don’t you go to The Dollar Store and get a pair for a dollar!”

So that’s just what sista did. And she splurged – bought TWO pairs. One to keep in her purse and one by the computer.

So really Sista saved $298.00.

And she topped any of my money saving ideas.

What money saving idea are you keeping secret?

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  • 1. Lynette  |  . at .

    Eye problems must be going around. I need new glasses (bi-focals), but have not got around to doing it. Glad Sista only needed reading glasses.

    Mine is not quite as big, but none the less a savings. My car window came off of its cable. Once this happens if I put the window down, I cannot get it back up. It’s been like this for about 2-3 weeks, I could hear the rattle of the cable coming loose inside the door. BTW, this is the 3rd window of this car to do this.

    The other morning I forgot & started to roll it down I heard fatal sound, the cable had completely came off. The window was down only about 3 inches, but there was not way it was going back up. As I took j to school, complaining about rolling the window down, having to get it fixed before next weeks trip to Monterey & having to deal with Folsom Ford (my least favorite place to go)I had a thought, take it to B & J Body Shop. I went straight there.

    They are so nice there. The body shop guy took the panel of the door & diagnosed the problem. I even got a personal tour of the inside of my door. There is a cable that runs through the regulator (motor) the cable had indeed broke. Mr. Gilbert who was helping me priced out the cost,$289.23 yikes, but I new that was cheaper than the dealership. BTW, this is my 2nd repair on this darn car in 2 months. Grumble, grumble.

    He put my panel back on, turned the motor off (it was still working, got my window back up with a little duck tape just as it began to rain.

    I came on home & found my paperwork from last year. Sure enough, it cost me over $300.00. I called Mr. Gilbert back & told him to order the part. Even though the motor works you still have to buy a new motor to get the cable. I think you could order just cable but it was about the some price, might as well get the motor too. Mr. Gilbert showed me the pricing on the computer.

    My savings is around $75.00 buck-a-roos. Unfortunaley we still had to cancel Monterey’s trip next week.

    and I still need glasses… my insert around my bathtub is damage…& other expenses looming out there.

    Thank goodness for white elephant gift exchanges for the holidays.


  • 2. Susan  |  . at .

    Oh my. I am sorry to hear all this, Lynette.

    How disappointing to not go to the ocean. 😦
    Will the forcasted rain help any?

    I can tell where NOT to go for specs. And I will keep in mind where you went for car work.

    Yes, thank goodness for white elephant gift exchanges and the gifts of prayer and encouragement.

    You are loaded in the last two depatments, Lynnie.



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