4 Things I’m Pondering While the Goliaths Outnumber Me

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How does God interact with His children during extreme crisis?

How would God like His children to interact with Him during crisis?

Week 9, in the Believing God study by Beth Moore, sets the stage to answer these questions.

Are you in a place where God is saying to you, “I want everything you’ve got. I am going to require every ounce of you on this one?”

I’m in that place. And I’ve been pondering four things from this lesson:

God is bigger than any “title” I have to face. His power trumps. Believe it! It may be a matter of time before I see that power, but it is just as inevitable as the setting sun. BUT even when God does stop the setting sun, “He works out all the consequences.”

The Goliaths in my life are not polite or fair. Ever been in the battle where you are fighting so many Goliaths that you don’t know which one to fight first? That’s me right now.

“For children of God, a perfect setup for catastrophic DEFEAT is also the perfect setup for MIRACULOUS victory.”

That is glorious. That is inspiring. That is our God. There is no God like Jehovah.

Sometimes I am “idiot girl.” When I get myself into a mess, God does not say, “you got yourself into it, now get yourself out of it.”

Yes, I’ll likely have to pay consequences. I might get grace and not get what I deserve.

“But always my chastisement [the consequences I pay] will never be for the sake of punishment. He only chastises to the degree I am taught. God is always for me even when I am my own worst enemy. God is NOT like man.”

God is pleased when I think well enough of Him to ask BIG things.

“Show me Your glory, God.” Moses begs. Forget a bank; he wants to see Fort Knox. He needs a walk in the vault of God’s wealth. Would you stun me with Your strength? Numb me with Your wisdom? Steal my breath away with a brush of Yours? A moment in the spray of the cataract of grace, a glimpse of Your glory, God. This is the prayer of Moses.”

“And God answers it. . . “

“Forgive me my effrontery, shouldn’t Moses’ request be yours? You’ve got problems. . . “

“These are no small issues. A small god? No thanks. You and I need what Moses needed – a glimpse of God’s glory. Such a sighting can change you forever.” It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado

I am in such a place of “believing God when victory demands my all.” And I am believing Him. Part of my victory is due to the prayers and support from many people. Thank you to my fellow sling shot wielders.

Sisters, let’s boost our faith by reading, listening, praying, and talking about our Father God’s actions . . . character . . . love.

How about you, my sister, are you believing God?

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  • 1. Becky  |  . at .


    God showed me one of these very points today in such a “small” thing, but it meant so, so, so much to me. I had driven my little SUV home from a long day, even though a certain needle on my dashboard was screaming for immediate attention. I was just too tired to stop and get gas! However, this morning when I realized that I might have to pay, and pay BIG for my own laziness, I told the Lord that I’d been foolish and would He please just let me make it to the gas station and forgive the foolishness??? Susan, I’m telling you, my SUV should have stopped and died and petered out. I expected it at any second throughout the drive to the gas station…but it didn’t happen! You are so right, God doesn’t tell us to bail ourselves out of the jams we sometimes stupidly walk right into. God loves to show us His mercy, even by miraculously stretching a fraction of a fume of gas in my tank!


  • 2. Faithful Love  |  . at .

    This was truely inspiring! Especially because you have such opposition before you! RIGHT ON!!!!

    I am believing GOD, sister!

    Once, Andy was told that I would be at Karate class; but I had no intention of going.

    When I heard that he was expecting me… I got in my car. Class had started and it would take me as long as the class is to get there.

    I had to make it up Sunrise passed the mall on a Saturday (which is ALWAYS full of traffic).

    I hit one light after another and started to pray. I asked the LORD to just get me there (safe) so that Andrew wouldn’t be disappointed.

    Then from Madison to Cirby it was like being on a train… every light was GREEN and traffic was slow and FULL but steady moving – NON-STOP to Karate.

    I really felt as though I was watching him answer my prayer. I got weepy and praised the LORD as I drove.

    I missed the class but they waited for me. He saw me show up and I told him I was proud. He told me what he learned.

    GOD made it possible for me to keep a promise to Andrew’s heart.


  • 3. Susan  |  . at .

    Becky, That is awesome qbout God “miraculously stretching a fraction of a fume of gas in [your] tank.

    God is such a grace-filled parent and God.

    I wonder how many such events I miss because I am not paying attention?

    Thanks for pointing out such a time wehn God showed His grace and love to you.


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Thanks for sharing Faithful.

    How cool that you witnessed God’s miraculous touch and that you recognized that.

    How cool that at least 3 hearts were touched in meaningful but different ways that night: Andrew, you, and God.

    There is no God like Jehovah.


  • 5. Lorna  |  . at .

    yes I’m believing …

    but this sure is harder thanI thought it was going to be only ten days ago.

    Thank you for (o) over at my place. Appreciated the visit


  • 6. Lynette  |  . at .

    Yes, Goliaths (or giants in the land) often do appear. Whether they be financial, family, illnesses or school. I have found lately that sometimes it is the small stuff that seems sooo big to me.
    If God sees all our sins the same, equal, not one being bigger than the other. Then I wonder if He sees all my giants as equally the same.
    My perception of things are different than God. Or should I say Gods perception of things are different than mine. How does He perceive our giants, equal or unequal. Each one important enough for Him to care for tenderly.
    There is a verse in Isaiah stating how powerful God is & in the next sentences how He tenderly cares for His sheep. In all His power & might, He is tender & gentle. Trully an amazing love, an amazing God.
    Back to the small stuff that seems big. Last week I had a rather large car repair that resulted in a cancelled trip. The family took it well.
    Today J bike need repairing. It had a flat tire & I did not know how to fix it. I was annoyed & frustrated with it. I had put it off too long. Didn’t have the $, wish someone else could take care of it, blah, blah, blah. But poor J. had been waiting for so long. Called a bike shop, took it in & in 15 minutes & only $13, he fixed it and adjusted the chain & back tire. Plus J got to see a bike shop for the first time. What became a giant to me was taken care easily. Granted not all giants are taken care of this easily. But I can learn to listen & trust. This happens over & over, when will I learn? Sorry for rambling on so.



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