Life is Good When . . .

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. . . You turned in your finals a day ago (Friday).

Read on for more answers.

  1. . . . You get special time with some of the nieces for the whole weekend! Come back Monday and I’ll tell all.
  2. . . . The women’s White Elephant party was a blast. Dessert was even served at the top of the buffet line. Check the bulletin board for photos! Ladies, some of the food served tonight did not have a matching recipe in our cookbook! Turn them in soon. We are already collecting recipes for the next book.
  3. . . . You hear that your oldest sweet niece (J) is having a sweet baby girl, Emma Francine, on April 15.
  4. . . . You’ve lost 15 pounds, Yep! I just checked the scale. Wanna know my secret? Come back on Monday and I’ll spill all those beans too.
  5. . . . You find a present from an anonymous giver on your front porch. Hopefully you are reading this. I will enjoy my pampering items very much!
  6. You get to read a book for fun. I am going to spend my time with Mitch Albom. Yep, you’ll have to come back (probably won’t be done by Monday) to find out which one.

My youngest niece (E) has one to add. “Life is good when one of your bruises pops off!”

So . . . how has life been good to you?


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  • 1. Theresa  |  . at .

    Congratulations on losing 15 pounds! Keep up the good work! :o)


  • 2. doodah!  |  . at .

    Yes – congrats on the 15 pounds, and for turning in your finals! Happy Christmas to you! Which book did you end up reading…


  • 3. Susan  |  . at .

    Theresa and Doodah,

    thanks for the warm wishes. It is esciting to be able to wear my clothes a bit more comfortably.

    It will be even more exciting when I can wear some of the stashed clothes.


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Oh yes, the book I am reading will be talked about soon! You’ll have to come back for that ONE.–>



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