Easy Beauty Tip for the 40+ Crowd (not for the faint hearted)

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I don’t mind being 48 – most of the time.
But I do mind the indignities of sprouting hair on my face.

In the morning I’m fine. Then I’ll be out in public, pat my cheek or stroke my chin and discover a 2 inch disaster.

Then I got smart. I keep a pair of tweezers in my car and by my computer. Now when I’m waiting in traffic or waiting for my (dial up) computer to get moving, I check my chin and cheeks.

I haven’t had a wayward hair embarrass me for months now. Don’t buy those cheepie silver tweezers. You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones either. Mine are the turquoise slanted kind.

That’s my Works-for-Me Wednesday tip and I’m sticking by it. Go on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more tips.

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  • 1. susan2009  |  . at .

    Sorry to those of you who commented yesterday.

    This post was accidently deleted.


  • 2. Theresa  |  . at .

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! LOL Due to hormone issues that cannot be corrected I have lost over 1/2 my hair along with 95% of my natural curl and wave on top of my head. Instead, now it grows as side burns and beard and mustache! :o( Sometimes you have to laugh or you will just sit down and cry non-stop! I am very self conscious about it but there is really not much I can do. You have to wait and let it grow long enough to wax it and it’s such a lovely, fun job…NOT! So be thankful for the stray chin hair here or there, it could be worse! There! Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to know.


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    I know someone, will not mention names & thus person does not reside in California ( so it is not me) only has to shave once 7-10 days. Can you believe it? And even then ya can’t even tell she needs to.
    I also knew someone who when she was pregnant (again not me) the hair on her legs stop growing. The kid was a boy, the 2nd time around it did not, so she thought it was a girl (sadly, she miscarriage).
    One more hairless story, my mother-in-law was blessed to have the most beautiful hairless legs. Which whas a blessing, because she was disabled & shaving was impossible.
    Not sure why this post made me think of those who are hairless, maybe because I am in denial about the little blonde hairs sprouting on my chin.
    I am sitting way in the back on Sunday, hope they dim the lighting again.
    Oh, I am cracking myself up over here.


  • 4. Keziah  |  . at .

    Do people in other cars not look at you? I love singing and regularly find folk in cars next to me looking at me sing and dance in the car!


  • 5. Susan  |  . at .

    Keziah, I love that you sing and dance in your car!

    I don’t really know if other people look at me. I’m too busy plucking before the light turns. I guess if they are, I’ve given them something to smile about. 🙂

    Lynette, I had hairless legs during pregnancy too. I thought that was a nice present God gave to me during those months.

    I’m cracking up at you cracking up!


  • 6. Susan  |  . at .

    Oh Theresa, I’m sorry. If it helps at all, I’ve never noticed any stray hairs. I love your attitude. You are a great example for me in many areas.


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