New Year’s Resolutions Offer Chance to Thrive

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I love that our church does not pass an offering plate. The policy is that each person talk to God about the “amount” and then when ready deposit that in one of the offering boxes in the back of the sanctuary.

Talking about being ready, I am always ready for the new year. I LOVE making New Year’s resolutions. There’s something special about starting something new. I get a feeling of hope, promise and excitement.

Of course I made some resolutions this year. Here it is 7 days into those resolutions and of course I’ve broken or omitted doing at least half of them.

“How you doing?” (To quote Joey – if you watch that show you’ll know who I mean.)

Instead of being bummed (about my failures) I am still excited. Because not only are God’s mercies new every morning, so are my opportunities to thrive, to grow and to fail.

I’m excited because of the freedom Christ brings, I can grow in my failures. Each morning brings me a fresh opportunity to tithe my time, my resources and my money to God. He doesn’t hold my failures against me.

God is always cheering me on. He is pleased, touched and proud when I trust Him enough to give Him the full tithe He’s asked.

Where are you? Today have you trusted God enough to give the full tithe He’s asking from you?

  • Do you need to make a phone call? 
  • Give something away?
  • Clear your calendar?
  • Write a check?

Go ahead, sister, trust God and make that action.You won’t be sorry you did. And if you failed today? No worries. You’ll have another chance tomorrow to thrive where there was once failure.

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  • 1. catlady  |  . at .

    I so enjoy reading your postings, Susan. I have only one comment about the word “failures”. It’s my personal opinion, of course. I have given myself permission over the years to let go of the word “failure” and substitute “learning experience”. I try something – or I don’t try something, either way it is an active choice – and if it doesn’t work out or I just plain don’t do it I look on it as a learning experience and I try to take that knowledge with me to the next process, experience or missed opportunity.
    Failure has a negative connotation and learning experience just means I’m still a work in progress. It’s all a question of semantics but you and I know I am definitely a lady of semantics.
    Nice to talk to you tonight – even if it will mean more of God’s work for me. Gotta keep movin’ forward.
    Love you.


  • 2. lynette  |  . at .

    I didn’t make any, still mulling them over. One did pop into my head, FILL OUT MY SECRET SISTER FORM. But then again maybe I have subconsiously (does comments have spellcheck??). Heard about a Sunday School class on Hosea & went yesterday, very good.
    And I will attend the Missionary Tea & M & M’s Saturdays, btw Peanut Butter M & M’s are my favorite. Other than that I don’t have any, after my time of prayer today, I am hoping that anything else rambling around in the old noggin (head) will surface & God will organize my thoughts.

    Catlady-thanks for the reminder about the word “failure.” I am not a failure-I am God’s beloved daughter. That is the one thing I am trying to teach J, when he can’t do something he is not a failure, he has that tendency to knock himself.


  • 3. susan2009  |  . at .

    Just a quickie before I head off to school this am.

    Just because I “fail” at something doesn’t mean I am a failure. Since we are not perfect and require lots of learning (usually) before we get something it is the nature of our being to “fail” a lot before we GET IT! At least that is true for me.

    WTG, Lynette. That is a great skill you are teaching J.

    Normally I don’t use the word “failure.” I ususally use the words “growth area.” So I undersatnd what you are saying, Catlady.

    But yesterday in church (and in this post) I deliberately used the word failure because that is what a lot of people use when describing certain acts done or not done by themselves or others.

    My hope is they saw that since God’s mercies and opportunities are new every morning, afternoon and evening, we (God plus me) have many opportunities to get it right!

    I love you two so much. Thanks for the opportunity to dialogue, think and grow along with you.


  • 4. lynette  |  . at .

    Come to think of it, wasn’t your resolutions eat more chocolate & drink more coffee/tea, so WTG, you still have 11 1/2 months to eat more chocolat & drink more tea!


  • 5. susan2009  |  . at .

    Yes, thanks for reminding me, Lynette!!

    I make such good resolutions. 🙂


  • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

    Seriously though, I do want to take soem time to make refine my goals. It would be awesome if this year’s “done” rate is in the 90th



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