Today is Busy – 3 Things to Celebrate

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1. Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday.I am so thankful for this remarkably talented dude’s life. March 7, 1876 he received patent number 174,465  for the phone; it sure has impacted my life: Phone, cell phone, ability to access Internet via phone lines. Do you have a funny, sad, or otherwise story about phones?

Here’s my story.When I was younger, my brother and I went through a period of using the phone to prank call people. 1.  Dial a random number. 2. When someone answers ask, “Is your fridge running. 3. When they say, “Yes,” reply back, “Then you’d better go after it!” and laugh hysterically.

2. National Anthem Day. Go here for a fun quiz. Do you know the official name of the National Anthem? Can you name the author?  On this day President Hoover signed a bill making the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key our national anthem.  Can you sing all the words to this song? (I can, although not always on “key.”) Do you think it should only be sung in English? (Yes.)

3. Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight. Cool. “The moon will turn shades of amber and crimson Saturday night as it passes behind the Earth’s shadow in the first total lunar eclipse in three years” according the CNN website.  Again cool. When was the first lunar eclipse you saw?

In between studying and writing papers, I’ll be celebrating too!


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  • 1. Keziah  |  . at .

    For once I am happy that I am working night shift tonight – I’ll hopefully not be too busy while the eclipse goes on and I might get some good photos.

    I remember sitting up watching for lunar eclipses when I was little. It was so exciting!


  • 2. lynettejoy  |  . at .

    Can’t think of any funny phone stories. But as a kid we always like to dial “popcorn” for the time.

    My sad story that I remember to this day & always will. On June 22, 1994 I had just gotten back from lunch at work. I was working the switchboard for Kemper Ins. because the other operator & my dear friend was off that day. I had lunch, went for a walk & had just gotten back. As I sat down to put on my headsets, I noticed the time was 12:31 & there was one call waiting. Took the phone off busy & answered the call. It was my brother letting me know our mother had just died in Yuba City. Almost 13 years later I can still see the phone with the time & the call waiting. It’s wierd the things we remember.


  • 3. doodah!  |  . at .

    I’m the same as lynette with the “popcorn” thing. In fact at work, we have to do testing of software that calls phone numbers, so we will often use popcorn as one of the numbers. (Some people never grow up.)

    In the town I grew up there was actually a man in the phone book named “Fred Flinstone”. This poor guy was the victim of many a junior higher’s prank call. “Hey Fred, this is Betty, is Barney over there?” or “Wilma said to tell you not to forget to feed Dino.” Or “Bam-Bam! Bam-Bam!” That poor, poor man.

    I don’t remember how old I was for my first lunar eclipse – a kid, and certainly not one that got to stay up past nine. It was in the summer. We lived in an apartment and the entire apartment building (10 units or so) stayed up and had food and played games and waited for it. Way big deal. I remember not being very impressed with it when it finally happened, bc I was more excited to be staying up late and playing with my friends.


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    Keziah – I hope you got some good shots and share them with us.

    Lynette – oh yeah “popcorn.” I still do that today.
    That is a pretty vivid memory. I am sad for you.
    I remember leaving such a phone call for my dh and kids regarding my mom.

    Doodah – Well at least you prank calling the popcorn time number. 🙂
    Fred Flinstone would not be a good name to have. I once worked with an Imma Pigg. No joke.
    How cool that the whole apt saw this together and made a big deal about it. I truly cannot rememebr anything about seeing my first one or subsequent ones. Sad, huh?
    Can you imagine being a primitive people, not knowing anything about this and seeing it for the first time? Now THAT would be cool and probably scary.


  • 5. Shelley Wright  |  . at .

    Hi, your blog looks really good and gives great information! Anyway, nice job. Keep it up please!!! My best wishes to you all!


  • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

    Thanks, Shelley.

    I have fun. I really love communicating this way. And reading other blogs. I am getting to know some people better (in my church and some I’ve met for the first time).

    Although, I’ve been quiet on my blog these past days because I’ve been spending time on my homework and papers for school.



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