5 Things I Learned Between Naps

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I spent most of last week sleeping. I couldn’t attend seminary classes because of my back injury, but I did learn some things this week. Below are my top five gleanings.

  1.  Laying around, eating and TV watching are hard on my manicure. (I’ve been watching Design on a Dime, Rachael Ray, The Biggest Loser and Shear Genius.) I had such high “nail” hopes for these 2-5 weeks of forced rest. I love the look of freshly manicured hands. Unfortunately because I normally dig in the dirt, type a lot, and use my nails as tools, the paint tends to start chipping within the hour. I thought my new lifestyle would be nail friendly. Wrong-O.Maybe I should’ve picked a different color. This one is Frisky Clover.
  2. Plastic yogurt containers catch on fire in the microwave in as little as 20 seconds. My container of leftover bechamel sauce (flavored with a tsp. of mustard) only needed a little heating up. Note: The black specks from the fire didn’t change the taste of the sauce.
  3. Boiling hot water can make your pitcher explode. I have added drinking green tea to my list of healthy things I now do. (It is #3 on the list. Thoroughly chewing each bit is #2. Drinking 8-10 cups of water is #1.) So all last week I have been pouring boiling hot water over 4 teabags in my thick pitcher. On Monday the pitcher EXPLODED all over the counter, floor and into my 3 drawers when I added the HOT water. I am back to using a tea pot. AND I wait 3 minutes after the boil before pouring water into the pot.
  4.  Casting off is harder than it looks. One thing I can do while laying on my back is knitting. I finished knitting the multicolored, cotton dishrag – except for the casting off. Shirley showed me how to do this while sitting up. My back was really hurting so I thought, “How hard can this be laying down?”  Evidently it’s hard, as I’ve made a mess. (I need some Google time.)
  5. I can’t think without Google.  Sitting just plain hurts and so I’ve been pretty much banned from the computer. I never realized before this week how many times in a day I Google. The ban is driving me nuts. What’s been on my mind?
    Why my orange gold fish are getting black spots
    How to get more tomatoes from one plant
    Myofacial release
    Puffy paint drying time
    Stopping alcohol ice packs from leaking

For more Top 5  Lists check out Darren’s site at ProBlogger.

Your Turn . . . What have you learned (doesn’t have to be between naps)?

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