Pain burns calories but I don’t recommend it as a diet aide

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1 Week Down & 1 More To Go.

I have been really good about staying prone all week – of course pain is a great motivator. Yesterday my lower back, left hip and left leg hurt a lot. I feel much better today!

My friend Chris (who is a physical therapy assistant) gave me some tips:

  • 3 exercises: pelvic tilt, side neck stretch and tush squeeze (to put it politely).
  • How to properly get off the couch or bed from a lying position.
  • Pain burns calories.That could be why I’ve been so hungry even though I am not doing much anything. I am very grateful for the meals that are being brought.  🙂
  • Water exercise (only walking at this point) might be easier on my body than walking. I need to check out Hagan Park’s pool and see when it’s open and what the cost is.
  • Use my exercise ball as a chair in front of the computer. That’s what I’ve been sitting on every time I typed this (3-5 minutes at a time). It is more comfortable than my desk chair, but still 5 minutes is my max limit.
  • Stop and think. Even when I feel less pain, limit my movement.

I go back to the chiropractor tomorrow. I’m looking forward to what he had to say about my progress. Thanks for your prayers.

Know what I miss most? You all, doing my homework, and Googling.


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  • 1. lynettejoy  |  . at .

    Hagan Pool opens Memorial Day weekend.
    go to for times.
    They have Family swims (we do those), lap swimming & a water aerobics class.


  • 2. Lesley Marie  |  . at .

    I reckon pain MUST burn calories…I have osteo-arthritis in my knees and they are sometimes so very sore (particularly if standing for long periods, or up and down stairs a lot- like today !) that they feel very, very warm internally- where my cartillage has worn to next-to-nothing, yet to touch my skin they feel normal temperature. I know I’m not imagining this pain and surely heat equals calories, doesn’t it…???


  • 3. Gloria  |  . at .

    Pain kills my appetite and when i am readt to go to bed, i am very hungry. I make a big snack of red grapes, tart cherries, and a small apple. In the morning i am not hungry. I beleve pain burns calories be ause it releases hormones, i could be wrong, but i believe it does.



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