Do You Have a Highlight in Your Life?

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There are some who view their high school years with keen fondess.

There are some who say college was the epitome of fun and purpose.

While I try to make the current year the highlight, I really do have a favorite block of time: 1988-1993.

  • My kiddos were 4 and 5 years old then. Such a FUN age.
  • My then-husband (Bob) was in the Air Force and he got orders for Bentwaters, England.
  • We lived in a small village, Levington, near the coastal town of Felixstowe.
  • Bob went over before us to find a house and get it ready before the kiddos and I traveled over there.
  • On our first morning, the 4 of us were outside admiring our home, the huge cul-de-sac (they called it “the ring”), the scenery (included a forest behind us, a dairy to the side of us, the River Orwell was a bit away and near the town pub, church and graveyard.
  • One of our neighbors, Jo, warmly welcomed us that morning. After chatting for a few minutes she left. Bob then asked, “What did she say?”
  • That was the beginning of a great friendship between her family (2 boys and dh) and mine.
  • Oh, the memories.

A bit ago I just called Jo and her youngest son, Robbie, (Robert now) answered. He is a tall man with a deep voice with probably NOT a blond curl on his head who has just finished university. (I didn’t ask about the curls.)

Oh, the memories. It is so important for young moms (or mums) to find a support group.

That time was magical because it was spent in a magical place. With plenty of growing up space for us all.

But it was also magical because of the relationships in my life. My children needed local friends. My dh and I needed couples to have fun and grow up with. I needed friendship, support, fun, understanding and sometimes a boot to the rear in order to be the best mom, wife and friend I could be.

Jo was (the main) woman who provided that. We bonded with her family and they with us.

Who is your Jo?

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