Works-For-Me Wednesday Backwards Edition:Buffet Eating

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Its been awhile since I’ve participated in Works-For-Me Wednesday. As the title says, its the Backwards Edition. Nope, doesn’t mean you wear your top inside out or start with dessert (although I have done both). It means I ask a question of y’all instead of me sharing my blah-blah-blah.

For some of you this is probably a dumb question. Even though in the past 18 months or so I’ve lost 31 pounds, I still have a big problem eating sensibly at a buffet. The hotel I am staying at has a buffet breakfast and dinner! Help!

If you’ve got other good ideas like how to organize jewelry, answer a pie crust question, can handle the neighborhood kids, or chase away the blues, click on the links and answer away. Be sure to go here to see what other questions are just begging for your expert answers.  🙂

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  • 1. Totallyscrappy  |  . at .

    Ooh, not the glorious, I mean dreaded breakfast buffet! Wow, to work so hard to lose 31 pounds all to lose it on a cinnamon roll! Ugh. My best tip is to choose a normal meal from the buffet. In other words, look at everything and then MAKE CHOICES! Resist the urge to “put a little of everything” on your plate. And if you fall prey to the donuts, try to couple it with something your body can really use like a yogurt or hard-boiled egg!
    Oh, and hey, if they have a breaky buffet I bet they have a pool or gym… hint, hint!


  • 2. Dana  |  . at .

    I drink a glass of Metamucil about 30 minutes before every meal. I feel fuller and am less inclined to overdo. I also use the small plates, start with fruit and quit when I feel full.


  • 3. Elizabeth Symington  |  . at .

    In Vegas, I ate at lots of buffets. My general rule was if I am too full to get 3rds or 4ths, then I probably shouldn’t keep eating. I limited myself to 2 plates. I don’t like my food to touch so really 2 plates equals a normal sized meal.

    Often I started with what I wanted to eat the most, like the hot desserts. I know me, I won’t leave until I eat dessert, but after a big dinner, you are totally stuffed before dessert.

    Try scoping out the food before putting it on your plate. It’s such a drag to find chocolate mousse after you’ve eaten 3 desserts.



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