Finding Unique Thing Sent Me Into A Tizzy

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One morning our prof started the class with this question:

What’s unique about you.? If anyone else has the same unique thing you’re out of the class!

Talk about pressure. My brain freezes up when I have to speak in class anyway. Add to that a “unique”thing about me. My brain and tongue were in total frozen mode.

Luckily I was one of the last 4 (out of 12) so I had some time to scan my life for my unique thing.

Thought 1. I’ve moved probably close to 40 times and lived in 3 (4, if you count Texas) foreign countries: Puerto Rico some of middle school; Canada – graduated high school, and England 5 years in early 30’s.

Thought 2. While living in Texas I was part of a scuba diving club. On a trip to Galveston, the club was invited to visit Jacque Cousteau’s boat The Calypso. Also during the dive, my partner and I got stuck/lost (seemed like hours) in the underwater boat we were exploring. He pulled me this way. I pulled that way. Finally we cooperated and found our way to the top by following the flow of our bubbles.

Thought 3. When I attended college in Oregon I worked as a night-time receptionist at a funeral home.

Thought 4. I was a homeschool mom.

Thought 5. I graduated from college 30 years after my high school graduation – almost to the day.

I just could not think of a juicy, recent tidbit. I wanted to say something like:

  • I had Christmas lunch with Dolly Parton.
  • The book I wrote was on the best seller list twice this past year.
  • My weight was “normal” for 12 consecutive months probably because I didn’t eat any junk food and I exercised 6 times each week for the whole year.
  • I was celebrated as mom of the year and received a week-long family cruise to Alaska.

Of course, none of these are even remotely true, not even in my imagination. So I gave them Thought 3. Whew! No one else could claim that.

You know what’s sad? That I couldn’t think of something that happened in 2008 or even 2007. If I was thinking, I could have done a search on my blog. This post mentioned some unique things about me. But I bet if I consistently lived with my eyes wide open and moved beyond the caution tape, I could find many such examples.

Classmates unique things?

Unfortunately, I spent so much time freaking I didn’t really listen except to Ronnie Harris.I just HAD to pause my thinking when he said he played in Superbowl 33. Ronnie was a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. The game was against the Denver Broncos, who won. At that time we lived in Colorado Springs and since it was John Elway’s last game, I probably watched it. Ronnie is now a junior high pastor. Isn’t that even cooler?

Just think, I had a seminary class with a Superbowl football player! Hey, that’s my first (cool) unique thing for 2008. And I have an autographed trading card to prove it.

What’s your most recent unique thing?

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