Buy One Sundae and Get One Free & What’s a Good Book to Read?

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Go soon because this offer expires on the 31st of this month . . . . . Which is January and only 9 days away.

Hat tip to Don’t Try This At Home.

Ok – so I’m procrastinating.

I should be writing a 4-6 page paper on proposition one – “Communication is involvemnet.” It’s really good stuff, but I want to play.

After all, I just finished writing a 6 page paper that list 20 books (ministry-related) I want to read in the next couple of years (and why). This is a useful list and I could have come up with more. The bad thing is that I bought several (truthfully about 6) books. Just when do I think I’ll have time to read them?

And I complied a list of 20 websites that I can use in ministry. This paper was supposed to take only about 5 hours. I easily spent double that.

 So, what books do you hope to read in the next couple of years and why? And what about websites – any useful ones you’d like to share?

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  • 1. Jenny  |  . at .

    You made me smile…”Communication is involvemnet”….what actually “involvemnet”? I want to make sure I do it. =)

    I’m reading “The Life You Always Wanted” & “The Tipping Point” right now. I’m not sure what’s next…..too many choices =0


  • 2. Duker  |  . at .

    I think you involvemnet yourself very well. I communicate with you easily and never often enough. !!!
    I understand about procrastinating, I am a PRO at it.
    I am just about to start Frank Pirellis sp.? HOUSE !!
    Wish me luck


  • 3. Elizabeth Symington  |  . at .

    Besides reading kids books in braille, I am reading “Print’s best letterheads and business cards 6”. I keep thinking about how much you will love this book. I am getting all sorts of inspiration for my web page, business card and letter head. I’ll bring it home when I visit. I bought it for a dollar, brand-new, at a thrift store!

    The next book I want to read is, “The Fine artist’s career guide” by Grant. It looks like it will get into more detail than “Taking the leap” by Lang, but I still love Lang!

    Did you post your wfmw? I did.


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .


    I DO want to read that book. I alos want you to design me a business card and letterhead. Your’s is soooo nice. Howw about psting it (with fake address stuff) at your site?

    So how fluent are you getting at braille?

    I can’t remember if I’ve read Lang’s book. I guess if I did, I must not have taken any leaps. 😦

    LMK if any ideas from Grant’s book is applicable to me. Kay?

    How’s the book going? I haven’t read one of his books in years because the one I read scared me sooo much. It was something about demons pestering humans. And I was just sure that would happen to me. And it did one time.

    As you’ve seen I’m a pro at procrastination. I am really going to get to the bottom of it this year. Just as soon as I get around to it. 🙂

    Yep, my communication sure could improve and not only in the writing venue. 🙂

    I once flipped through the Tipping Point while lounging at B&N one day. It was interesting and I thought, “I should really read this to see it applicability to my life/work.” Thanks for giving me a helpful summary of the book the other day. I see that I really will need to read it more carefully.

    I am also going through the Life You’ve Always Wanted. I have the workbook as well, but haven’t done anything with it -yet.



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