4 Week Hospitality Group Format

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Sunday nights I attend a hospitality group with (9-18) adults and scads of kids. This 4 week small group, led by John & Shula, will help us to understand and then to better implement hospiality in our own spheres of influence.

We start out with a potluck dinner and lots of talking.

  • John then leads in a lecture/discussion on some aspect of hospitality.
  • The evening progresses to dessert, coffee, and more talk.
  • Sometimes we have homework assignments to fulfill during the week.
  • When we get to the lecture/discussion portion of the evening, the kiddos and a babysitter go to another room and have some fun more suited to their ages.

I am attending this group for 4 reasons . . .

  1.  To get me back into the entertaining/hospitality mode . . . .  In July of 2006 I felt like hospitality had taken a backseat far too long. Read here for more. Despite some valiant attempts (here, here and here) I didn’t get past the writing stage. John & Shula are great examples of showing hospitality. Nothing like learning this from the “masters.”
  2. To eat a meal with people . . . .  As a single I eat most of my meals alone. The exceptions are my evening seminary classes and when my nieces/sista invite me over.
  3. To get to know others better .. . . You can’t get to know others on Sunday mornings at church  – too much going on.
  4. To observe group communication for a paper I have to write . . . . This observation has made me sensitive to what is working well in this group. And there is plenty.

Eventual Outcome of Group

The typical Dinners for 6 has been suggested. But an even better idea was suggested.

Form a Sunday hospitality group – Couples, singles and families would sign up (maybe once a quarter) to invite others to share the Sunday afternoon meal with them after Church. This could be at a restaurant, park or at the host’s home. Really the ideas are endless.

We are just at the beginning stages of brainstorming and it is exciting. It is also exciting to “work” with John, Shula and their kids in this hospitality experiment at CNC.

 What do you think? Any ideas? Suggestions? What’s worked at your church?

Note: It is Jan. 4, 2010. This group is not currently in operation.

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  • 2. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    I wish that I had a more inviting home. Part of that is me and dealing with chronic pain and part of that is the tiny shoebox that we are in. I’m glad you are posting this information and I am going to be praying about what God wants me to do with this!


  • 3. susan2009  |  . at .

    That must be difficult to have chronic pain. You have such a pleasant temperment, Theresa, that people wouldn’t even know you don’t feel well.

    One thing we learned about hospitality is that you don’t have to entertain in your home. It could be at a restaurant, a park, etc.

    I believe that someday, Theresa, that God will bless you with a bigger home. At least that is one of my prayers for you. :-)Because I believe that you and your dh would welcome people i n and let them expereince the love of Christ.

    I am inspired by your life, my dear sista.



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