I Missed Shrove Tuesday but I Didn’t Miss Ash Wednesday

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Fasting, penitence and meditation are typical spiritual disciplines that are encouraged during Lent. The purpose is to prepare ourselves for Easter and to prepare ourselves to be more like the One Easter is centered upon: Jesus.

Often people will give up something, during Lent, to help them focus more on Jesus and less on their physical/material world. Some typical things given up are sugar, using credit cards, or TV watching. Go here for more ideas.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to do during Lent so that at the end I am more like Jesus. So I asked myself the following questions . . .

  • What “sins” do I keep committing? Am I willing to let go of this bondage to sin? If yes, how?
  • Which Fruit of the Spirit am I lacking?
  • What do I need to do/stop doing in order to become more like Jesus?

 I want to do 3 things . . .

  1. One of my sins is making decisions out of fear instead of honesty. Yes, I want to combat that. I don’t know how yet.
  2. The fruit I will study and pray for is self-control, especially in the area of procrastination.
  3. Since I am a visual person, I will read/think on several things:
  • The Silver Chair by CS Lewis
  • Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan
  • Peril and Peace: Volume 1: Chronicles of the Ancient Churchby Mindy and Brandon Withrow
  • 30 Days with Jesus: The Gospels in Chronological Order by F. Lagard Smith
  • The Words and Works of Jesus Christ by J. Dwight Pentecost

I want to give up shopping except for basic necessities. Tonia encouraged me by doing this in October of 2006. She, her family and many other bloggys did this for 30 Days. I did it as well, but stopped writing posts about it; and I’ve lost the benefits of it.

 I picked this because I want to re-break materialism’s hold on me, so I can tune in more to God’s hold on me.

How will you prepare yourself for Easter and for the One who caused Easter to be?

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Lent Begins Today 2 Sentences About Lent

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  • 1. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    I have never practiced Lent but have thought of it. The contemplative disciplines are appealing but seem nearly impossible with small children in a household that is never silent? Is this an excuse or do other Moms of young children feel the same way? I can’t even be guaranteed to be alone in the bathroom! I find it hard to concentrate with all the interruptions etc. I loved all your ideas and your plans. The 30 days with Jesus sounds good. I am just finishing reading the Gospels – didn’t quite finish in 30 days, but I have enjoyed that reading as a reminder of all kinds of things. Sometimes I think I have rushed through them, eager to get on to Paul’s meat, but this time I have taken my time and seen things in the Gospels that I never noticed before, even though I’ve been reading them for 35 years!


  • 2. doodah  |  . at .

    My Lenten observance is different each year, but I always “give up” one thing and “take on” another.

    This year I am giving up junk food and eating out in favor of eating simple, healthy, home made meals. That’s to focus my mind on simplicity and thankfulness for “daily bread” instead of indulging all the time. And I’m trying to eat smaller portions as well – a rememberance that others live in poverty and deprivation while I have so much abundance.

    And I’m “taking on” the enforcement of my wake up time. I have gotten really bad about snoozing or turning off my alarm clock althogether and sleeping in. Which, of course, just wrecks my whole day b/c I’m running late and behind all day. I end up frazzled. Forcing my body to comply in the morning is part self control, and its part good stewardship of my time.

    When my tummy growls I can thank Jesus for being my Bread of Life. And when my alarm goes off I can thank the Author of all my days that he wrote one more for me in his Book of Life.

    The downside is that I’m going to be hungry and tired for 46 days. I am soooo gonna need some Holy Spirit help to not be mean. That alone should increase my time in prayer!


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