Cherry Fudge Brownies Instead of Dump Cake

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I know I said I was going to bring a dump cake to my hospitality class, but I didn’t have a cake mix. So I did a Google search on “brownie mix with cherry pie filling.” With 268,000 results I had quite a few recipes to choose from.

I finally settled on the following one:


  • 1 box fudge brownie mix
  • Ingredients listed on box of brownie mix
  • 1 can cherry pie filling
  • 1 small jar marshmallow creme – I didn’t know there were different sizes.


  1. Mix fudge brownie mix according to directions on the box.
  2. Pour into pan. (My directions said to put into a 9 x 13 inch pan.)
  3. Place cherry pie filling by drops on top of brownie mixture.
  4. Place a drop of marshmallow creme beside cherry drops.
  5. Swirl the marshmallow creme through brownie mixture by pulling a knife through the batter.
  6. Bake brownies according to directions on the box.


  • I had trouble with swirling the marshmallow creme through brownie mixture as the creme was too solid. I ended up using my finger to pull it apart.
  • I did swirl my knife through the cherries.
  • When I took it out of the oven, the marshmallows had exploded and covered most of the top of the brownies.
  • The brownies must’ve tasted great because by the time I got to them several adult males were getting every drop of brownie from the pan.

I will try this again and make sure I get a taste. I am also looking forward to trying the other 3 recipes as well.

Do you have a favorite cherry brownie recipe?


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  • 1. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Oh my! It’s a good thing Tim doesn’t read your blog! LOL That’s three of his favorite foods and they are not on the current “healthy” list! :o) Maybe I’ll have to splurge and make them for his birthday!


  • 2. lynette  |  . at .

    I make brownies with rolos candies occasionally-yummy!

    Mix the brownie mix per directions. Pour into 13×9 pan. Unwrap rolos & push into batter. There are enough rolos in a bag for eating & filling up the pan. Bake per box directions. They come out with wonderful chocolately-carmel texture.
    You can also bake them in a mini muffin pan adding one rolo per hole. In fact that is the orginigal recipe from Pampered Chef.


  • 3. susan2009  |  . at .


    I’m glad he doesn’t read it either – I don’t want to be called a “brownie, marshmallow creme, cherry pie filling” temptress! Sounds like it would be a good splurge for a birthday. 🙂

    Last night my roomie and I watched Tortilla Soup. One of the main activities of the movie was all the sinfully delicious food that was being prepared by the father who also happened to be a master chef. There must have been 10 scenes of all this food being prepared for dinner.

    Of course THAT movie tempted me. “Too bad I don’t have anything yummy to eat,” I complained to roomie.

    At the conclusion of the movie I rummaged around and found a box of tapioca. So that’s what I made and had for a late night snack.

    I really like home-made tapioca! 🙂


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .


    Thnaks for your rolo brownie recipe. Sounds so yummy!

    What flavour muffins do you make? Banana?

    This could be a great thing to bring to Mug and Muffin Saturday. Which is, coincidentally, happening this coming Saturday at 9 a.m.


  • 5. lynette  |  . at .

    They are brownies baked in a mini muffin tin with rolos stuffed in them. Will be there Saturday.


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