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“Letter writing is a lost art.”

I don’t know if my ancestors actually wrote more letters than their progeny (like me). But I do know that I want to write more honest to goodness gel-pen to paper letters. So I’ve set myself a goal for these next months (until my 51st birthday).

I want to write 8 letters. I wrote this goal on my Others list.

I hope to get into the habit of writing a letter on the 3rd Sunday of every month. But writing 8 letters is a good goal for just-in-case life gets in the way. Or I get lazy. There is no particular reason for picking the 3rd Sunday except that I hope the 3rd Sunday will always be a Sabbath Sunday for me. And letter writing seems like an agreeable item to add to my ideal Sabbath Sundays.

Sabbath Sundays are Sundays that are relaxing, devoid of “work” as I normally define it. Full of things I like to do like letter writing . . . fun reading out under a tree in a hammock . . . listening to music (mostly Christian and some jazz) while washing my car . . . maybe a hand craft or two. . . A simple afternoon with a friend or two . . . An in-depth theological discussion with a like-minded deep thinker . . . A tea-party with mini sandwiches, fruit-filled tarts and some quality chocolate  and some tea too . . .

This is a new concept so I’m sure this will evolve. What would your perfect Sabbath Sunday look like?

And back to the topic at hand, what are some of your thoughts on letter writing?


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  • […] great way to let others know how important they are to me. So, I am going back to setting aside the third Sunday of each month as a letter-writing time. (March 15th will be my first time to do this.) Of course, I […]



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