Seek First . . . What?

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I woke up with this thought, “Seek first the kingdom of God.

My New Testament prof told us “the kingdom of God is wherever God’s will is being done.”

So my to-do list is down to one main principle – doing God’s will. Still hard to figure out what to do at times.

Maybe pondering the following question will help . . . “Is it really worth the life of our Lord, what we’re doing? (by David Lowes Watson)

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  • 1. Duker  |  . at .

    Nothing like a deep, hard thought provoking question early in the morning. I think I will probably need to pose that question to several areas of my life. Thanks so much for sharing and helping me to
    what sometimes is right in front of my own face !!


  • 2. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    We were discussing this on the Christian Artisans list this last week in regards to simplifying our life. We concluded that a good Litmus test was determining what has “eternal value”. Now, not everything has eternal value but could still profit us…like maybe a hobby…if we don’t get too obsessed so that it takes the place of our faith, can be very beneficial in building us up as people and also in advancing the kingdom through relationships. But many things that we have in life, may not be horrible (e.g. a tv show or certain music, a book we read, or some hobbies), but also have no eternal value and don’t necessarily add much to who we are as a person either. So we decided to balance that out with Paul’s words that all things were permissable, but not al lthings were profitable.

    Since this discussion I have been thinking about what it means. Seeking the kingdom adds to this, like a couplet. I am asking God to weed things out of my life. We are trying to physically weed out a lot. But, I find that much easier than intangible things that subtlely take root and set up camp.

    In light of celebrating Resurrection Sunday, I think it is a good way to start out the new spiritual year by thinking of ways to do this. Now if you have practical suggestions on how to take this from a mental discussion to daily practice… I’m all ears! :o)


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    When I think of God’s will I immediately think of Jesus & how He lived out His ministry as recorded in the New Testament. What can I learn about God’s will from the gospels? What was His specific mission then & now.
    Everyhere we go there are mission statements. Companies, hosptials, organizations etc all have mission statements.
    Churches have mission statements, ministries within churches have mission statements. Are we staying within the boundaries of our mission statements? Do we run every idea through our mission statements? Are our mission statements meaningful?
    As a Children’s Ministries director we have a mission statement. But do I has a Christian wife, mom, a daughter of Christ have a mission statement? No I don’t. Should I have one? Would my mission statment then help me to found God’s will & balance? No, not find, but to recognize God’s will. To live a more abundant balanced life.
    Does Christ have a mission statement? What would it say?
    Wouldn’t it be cool if we all wrote a mission statement & posted it on the two most promient places in our house, blogs & the fridge.
    Barely back from vacation & plenty to think on this weekend!


  • 4. katie102006  |  . at .

    It CERTAINLY is hard to figure out. But isn’t that part of the struggle of life? Something I struggle with on a daily basis…. Is this God’s will?

    Love this post!


  • 5. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Lynette, I actually do have a personal mission statement…but I’m not always very good at filtering my ilfe through it. It’s not the obvious bad stuff that presents a problem…it’s the good stuff that’s difficult to say no to!


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