Impacting My World – One Habit at a Time

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This is Day 3 of my 2nd week of my 50th year. I’ve come up with 51 events and/or habits that I want to accomplish before my next birthday.

Today I’ve been thinking about my goals/habits regarding “the world.” I do have two. I admit they aren’t that grand. They are #14 and #15 on my personal list:

  • Install a clothesline – use 2x’s month. My intent is to reduce my electrical usage.
  • Pick up trash 1x week – in order to beautify the area.

Today I read a great post from Tree Hugging Family that has 60 eco-friendly ways to celebrate spring. A lot of them are actually doable and sound fun.

Here are 4 that I’d like to do this Spring . . .

#47. 10 Fun Organic Gardening Projects for Kids –  I’d actually like to make the sunflower playhouse and a sensory garden for me.  These would go great with my Trompe L’Oeil  panited fence. See #9 at this link.

#39. I already have #39 on my list. Do you?

#13. Spring clean with non-toxic homemade cleaning supplies.

#3. Make a cotton morsbag to use for my groceries instead of a plastic bag. Don’t sew alone, sew with a buddy. Maybe this could be my crafty thing to do this month.

Which of these 60 ideas would you like to do this Spring? Maybe we can do one or two together.

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  • 1. Jennifer  |  . at .

    Big kisses for the link love. Good choices too. A sensory garden is awesome. So is the sunflower playhouse.


  • 2. Shelly  |  . at .

    What a great post! Your blog inspires me to be more purpose-driven.


  • 3. Mark  |  . at .

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