Wondering about Options, Brings Answer

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Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path? Doing God’s will? Last week I wrote a paper for my New Testament class about women and how Jesus interacted with them. While writing this post on a small portiion of that paper, God showed me that answer.

Jesus consistently ignored tradition by speaking seriously with women: by teaching them and by allowing them to participate in ministry with Him.

For instance, Jesus ignored tradition by allowing and commending Mary for her choice to sit at his feet as a disciple. In fact, Scripture records Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus in three different places.  This was not a conventional or even accepted practice for women.

Martha, Mary’s sister fulfilled her required domestic duties and yet Jesus did not commend her for this choice. 

Martha needed to be reminded of the priority of word over bread. (Matthew 4:4). Luke’s story of Jesus in the home of Martha and Mary puts him solidly on the side of recognition of the full personhood of women, with the right to options for her own life. In socializing with both sisters and in defending Mary’s right to a role then commonly denied a Jewish woman, Jesus was following his far reaching principle of human liberation.”

Evelyn & Frank Stagg, Women in the World of Jesus, page 119

I am grateful that I have options for my life. It is also a bit scary. And it carries with it the weight of responsibility. Time and again this week (when I wasn’t feverish about paper-writing), I ruminated on how to live my life. What to seek first in every moment. 

Several times I asked myself:  “Is it really worth the life of our Lord, what [I’m] doing? (by David Lowes Watson)

All this thinking and writing has given me an answer. From God to me. Yes, at this time in my life, I am doing the worthy. I am sitting at the feet of my Lord, learning. And it’s okay. Jesus said so.

“Thank you, Lord, for this reminder of where You want me at this time in my life. Help me to consistently choose the options that are worthy. . . .

  • Not safe . . . .
  • Not conventional . . . .
  • Not society’s plan . . . .

Unless That’s Your Will for ME.”

How about you, sister? Are you where God wants you?

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    Do I ever wonder if I am on the right path & is it worth? Yes I do wonder. But then I stop & look what I have around me & the answer always comes out yes!. This is where I am suppose to be at this time, wife, mom to j, surronded by good friends & director of CM. But then I always search myself on how I can enrich my life and/or improve upon those areas. Then sometimes I just need to listen to that still voice & respond to some very simple but enriching things in life. Things as simple as calling my neighbor & have her in for tea or to a friend, bring your kids over, I will watch them for you or calling a friend because you know something they needed to do do not go well & just wait for them to call & then just listen to them share their heartache.
    I am more about connecting with people than ever before. I am not the same person I was 20 years ago or even 5 years ago for that matter.
    This is who I am at this time in this place. But I can learn, grow & enrich my life by listening to the Holy Spirit whisper to me.


  • 2. doodah  |  . at .

    great post. so glad to hear you are feeling sure of your footsteps.

    as for my footsteps – i think i have a long way to go yet, but am feeling good about where i am and the things i am learning. my life verse is Heb 12:1-2. I am in the process of getting unhindered and untangled. God has been faithful to heal me and cleanse me and train my feet. Soon I will run “fast as a leopard” the race marked out for me. Or maybe I’m already running, and just don’t realize it yet. Either way, I know I’m doing what I’m s’posed to. Don’t know if its dangerous or unconventional, heheh.

    Thanks for sharing your story!



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