13 Things to Pray

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  1. I’m starting a new quarter in seminary. I need prayers for organization & diligence; a quick, retentive mind; and applicability of what I learn.
  2. I have 4 more quarters until graduation. Pray that happens in May 2009.
  3. Regarding that, please pray for funds, strength, perseverance and all of #1.
  4. Pray that my classes aren’t just classes. I want to find God’s will & heart in each class. I want to be captured & motivated by these qualities.
  5. The next M&M Saturday is April 19th at 9 am. It will be on prayer. Please ask God to show Himself REAL to each woman who shows up. . . . That each woman will be encouraged, enthused and enlightened by this one hour of time together. . . . John Wesley said that “Prayer is truly the most useful of all pastimes.” Pray that I experience the truth of that statement. And that the women do too.
  6. We have two pregnant women at church. Please pray for health and safe pregnancy/delivery for mom and baby. . . . That the transition will be smooth for all concerned. . . . That God will meet all the needs spoken and unspoken. . . . That the babies will come to know Christ at an early age and walk in a close love-relationship with out Saviour. . . That the church body will thoughtfully, consistently and lovingly gather around these women and their families to meet their needs and even some of their wants. . . . Please ask God to bless them and the blessings they carry in a very tangible way.
  7. Retreat is happening June 4-6. Pray that all the details will be taken care of easily, well, and thoroughly in FUN. . . . Pray for the speaker and worship team. . . . Pray that the hearts of the attendees are already being prepared by God to hear from Him. . . . That friendships will be deepened or made.
  8. About 6 Bible studies are happening at church. Please pray that the leaders put in the time to prepare for the class. . . . That the attendees prepare as well. . . . That the Word of God impacts thoughts & actions. . . . That relationships will be deepened with each other & with God.
  9. Pastor Mike is preaching on “God’s remedy for Financial Worries.Pray that the Word of God is mightier than our fear, habits, and strongholds. . . . That we live in the strength, joy, power & generosity of the Holy Spirit. . . . That this series impacts us so much that our watching family, friends and co-workers notice a difference. . . . That they want to have a new relationship with Christ.
  10. Our youth pastor and his support staff are awesome. Please pray that God continues to give them all strength, unity, discernment, passion, and an ongoing and pure relationship with Him.
  11. Women’s Ministry needs your prayer. Pray that we do God’s will as individuals and as a team. . . . That God continues to give each of us strength, unity, discernment, passion, and an ongoing and pure relationship with Him.
  12. Please pray for my ex. His birthday is on the 12th and he has been on my mind a lot this past week. . . . Pray that God’s blessings saturate his mind, soul, heart and body. . . . That healing, peace, joy and provision find and meet his needs. . . . That relationship reconciliation is a deep yearning for him that takes place soon. . . . That God is a Friend as well as Master; Lover and King; Brother and Saviour.
  13. Pray that I am diligent with my 40 days of prayer. . . That I discern God’s voice in the matters I am praying about. . . . That I am humble and mature enough to follow His will.

Now, how may I pray for you? You can leave a request here, on my home phone or email.

It is a great truth that Our God hears and answers prayer. I am grateful that He alwyas answers according to our best and His glory.

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  • 1. Theresa  |  . at .

    Bless you for number 12.

    Thanks for including a list for how we can pray for you. For me, would you pray that i can keep it all together over this next month? Hubby is co-teaching with the mentor teacher at UofP andhe is taking Sat classes. I get a break tonight but nothing for a month after that and can’t go to M&M. :o( Fighting a migraine and feeling cranky and don’t want to be a grumpy mama! :o)


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    Theresa, I’ve been praying for you all. Bless YOU for your heart and wanting to keep your priorities straight. Whenever I hear of read the words, “Seek first the kingdom of God, I’ll think of and pray for you. 🙂



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