Spring Recipes – Educate Me

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Do you serve different food in the Spring than in the Winter, Fall or Summer? What meals do you indulge in only during that season?

The one obvious change I make is the availability of fresh fruit and/or veggies. If pears are cheaper, I eat those. If asparagus is a good deal, that’s on my plate. However, I don’t tend to make things with the produce. I like it plain. Maybe because I don’t get it very often.

Although, CatLady makes a great pear salad. I don’t remember what’s in it. But I do remember my tongue being very impressed.

Like here is a great sounding recipe for a Strawberry Cream Dessert. It calls for 3 cups of fresh strawberries – that you mash up and mix with the other ingredients. I would rather EAT those fresh strawberries plain – with a dollop of whipped cream.

But I don’t have menus or recipes that reflect a season. Since it is Spring, I suppose salads are more popular. I’m not much of a salad eater, nor do I have many salad recipes. I have one for potato salad (killer recipe with a secret ingredient), macaroni salad and green stuff (cottage cheese, pineapple, pistachio pudding concoction).

For a mixed green salad, I just throw in stuff from my fridge – which doesn’t normally harbour many things from the veg department. Currently I am partial to adding orange segments and cooked walnuts. If you haven’t tried this, you MUST.

One website recommends that you eat these 20 foods because it’s Spring and these foods are good for you.

I googled recipes+spring thinking not much was out there. Boy am I wrong! 940,000 times wrong.

Family Fun has a whole page of ideas. From desserts, drinks, snacks, salads to grilling. Hey, I don’t just BBQ in the Spring/Summer. I grill year round – even in the rain or snow.

Gastronomical Three has Three Simple Dinners That Look Ahead to Spring. The pics make you wish you were invited to sample.

Click here to find the top 10 Spring recipes. This Chicken Focaccia Sandwich is a must on my list. You make the bread with refrigerated bread dough. Even I could do that. This Fruit & Cheese Salad looks good too. I’d like to give this Pear Bread a try.

Recipe Zaar has 4,9,29 Spring recipes. Click here to start on this Spring tour. What do you know! One of their top featured recipes is green stuff. My recipe is a little different, but this one looks yummy too.

About.com has a page with 10 low fat recipes for Spring. Besides the obligatory fish recipes, there is even a low fat version of creme brulee.

Simply Recipes is a great source of ideas and inspiration. She lists 17 Spring recipes. Look at this Crab Mango Salad.  This Ham & Asparagus recipe comes with step-by-step pictures.

YumSugar has compiled a slide show (with links) of 10 recipes that announce Spring. I’d like to try this Spring Minestrone Pasta. And try this Seared Fish With Spring Vegetables because I am trying to like fish and beets better.

 I could go on. There are still about 940,000 pages to visit. Spare me this time-consuming journey and share.

What are your Spring recipes?  Spring meals? Educate me; so I, too, can join in the Spring fun – this Spring.

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