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I’m into mass advertising. Reading reviews about what others like and don’t like help me make better, more informed decisions. And sometimes it reminds me of what I used to know.

Lynette from Grace has asked us to list our new favorites. She listed her new 13 favorites: ranges from food to clothes to games to entertainment. Good list. Click here to read it.

Because of reading Lynette’s list, I’ll think about trying hemp milk, I’ll go buy almond butter, and look for and dust off my Yahtzee game.

Read on for my new favorites. . . .

  1. White Tea with Island Mango & Peach Flavor – created by Lipton. I mostly drink English Breakfast tea, but this mellow, fruity tea is great for an after dinner drink. It’s made with real orange leaves and lemongrass and comes in the cutest triangular, see-through bag. Info about the product here.
  2. Irish soda bread. My secret sister gave me a mix and it was yummy. . . . . Satisfying. . . . And the first time I’ve ever eaten it. I agree with Tea’s words:Irish soda bread is like a bowl of hot cereal to go. It’s moist, nutty, and slightly sweet, with the comfort level of my grandfather’s oatmeal. It makes you feel not only fed, but nourished.” Now every time I eat this delicious bread, I, like Tea, will think about my family’s magical visit to the Dingle Peninsula. Go here for a nice recipe.
  3. The Bible in 90 Days – Created by Ted Cooper Jr. This fast-paced read (6 pages, front and back) is a great way to get an overview of the Bible and see the repeating themes, but still allows time to hear from God. SM and I started and we are excited at what we’ll discover. Here’s the website for more info.
  4. Purses & Shoes- from Payless Shoe Source. I am not usually a shoe or purse shopper, but get me in this store and I find ALL kinds of things to covet! Because of a gift card to this store, I won’t have to covet any more. It’s amazing what $14.99 can buy. Look for me Sunday to see what I picked – shoes or a purse.
  5. Lemon juice for dandruff control. Yes, you read that right. I wet my hair with water and mix in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Then I wash my hair. For rinsing I add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to 2 cups of water. I’ve been doing this every other day for a week. I can now scratch my scalp without a rain of dandruff! You can even use bottled lemon juice concentrate, if you don’t have any fresh lemons available.
  6. Journaling my prayers. I am doing this only for my prayers for the women’s ministry team. I find this is helping me to stay more focused. Sometimes my mind wanders and I remember something to do. I jot that at the top of my page and commence writing. Each day I write/pray about one of the ministries or leaders. Then I read my devotional material. If something applies to what I just wrote, I include that with my prayers. Go here for a short study about prayer journaling. This article talks about journaling as prayer. This article shares different kinds of journals for journal drop outs: Quotes Journals, Impossible Prayers Journals, Online Journals, Creator’s Journals, Family of Faith Photo Journals and Gratitude Journals.

Will you try anything new because of my list?

Share your New Favorites list with us. Make it at least a five item list and you can enter it into the NetworkBloggingTips.Com Blogging Challenge. The deadline is April 20th.

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    thanks for mentioning my rambling list of new favorites. number 1 & 2 i would like to try.


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    Lynette, the next time I make some bread, I’ll send some your way with a tea bag or two. Better yet, I’ll invite you over here for a little time together.

    I sure enjoyed visitng with you the other day. You are such a thoughtful hostess and a good listener. Thanks.



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