Week 5 Summary for 51 Things

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Habits . . . .

  1. Taking a walk with Chip. This didn’t happen much because Chip was under the weather last week. In fact, I was sure he was going to die. Happily, that didn’t happen. He is in a very perky mood and even eating well. It helped that he and Elisabeth got to spend some time together this past weekend.
  2. Sleep. Except for Friday night I was in bed by 11 pm. Friday it was 1 am and up at 4:30 am. Look at #5 under the One Time Events to see why. I am getting serious about my sleep though. The other day I wrote a post on sleep here. I also wrote how to destress your life. #17 is about sleep. Getting a good night’s rest every night is essential. You can really make yourself ill or even kill yourself by slacking in the sleep department. I’m now convinced this is something I can take control over and I need to in order to have a healthier life and longer lifespan. Go here for 33 Secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep.
  3. Trash. This has been the easiest habit to form. Picking up trash around church one time a week has been easy and an enjoyable way to spend time with Chip at the same time.
  4. Spanish. I just printed off vocabulary words for the next 2 weeks.

One Time Events (kinda) . . . .

  1. Funeral planning – I spoke with my kiddos over the weekend about this. They thought I was crazy and obsessing. They do NOT care whether I am cremated and then scattered, buried, or kept in some container somewhere – as long as the container isn’t with them!. Nor do they care if I am marinated (embalmed) and then buried. Now I’ll do research on prices and legalities.
  2. Read Thru the Bible in 90 Days. SM and I will meet tonight to discuss this. It was interesting to fly through Genesis without getting bogged down in the details. Now we are flying high above Exodus. So far I would give this reading program a 5/5.
  3. Prayer Study. I finished the book on prayer by John Wesley. I want to go back through the book and write down all the things I underlined. Anyone else underline and make notes in their books?
  4. Jokes. I can tell 3 jokes – pretty well. I’m on the lookout for joke #4. If I haven’t told you a joke lately, ask me. I’m ready. 🙂
  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride!!!! Yep. It happened. I can cross this off my list and include it in the list of things I’LL NEVER FORGET.

My 51 Things List is dwindling down s-l-o-w-l-y but building some mighty big memories. How’s it going on your own list of things to do or habits to form? Please share. Let’s keep each other accountable.

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