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bitoIt’s Menu Plan Monday again. I went shopping last night so I am all ready to make up some food this morning. I’ll make up a batch of the following foods for the freezer: Burritos, Quiche, Irish Soda muffins.

  1. Burritos (refried beans, salsa, browned ground beef, crushed pineapple, shredded cheese), Jello with yogurt.
  2. BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed corn/pea mixture.
  3. Hamburger with Gorgonzola cheese (came with a $1.00 off coupon so each quarter pounder was $0.50 each. There are two in the pack). Corn on the cob – first ears of the season and mixed green salad.
  4. Stir fry noodles with chicken (leftover from BBQ), carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms.
  5. Ham quiche made with hash browns, liquefied corn and carrots, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Irish Soda Muffins.
  6. Leftovers.
  7. Leftovers.

Click here to see the menus of other Monday Menu Planners.

One of the reasons I like to participate in Menu Plan Monday is so I’ll save money by not eating out or pigging out on convenience foods. Mary at Owlhaven (mom to 10 kids) has had an interesting frugal cookin’ carnival, a 3 day smack down: cook cheap, cook yummy. 15 blogger/cookers participated by shopping for and preparing their cheapest menus for 3 days. I gleaned some good ideas and recipes from these women. Click here to see Mary’s post.

Recently Mary was on a telephone interview (while at a soccer game) with CNN about frugal tips. Click here to read the 3 things she didn’t get to mention.

In a nutshell they are . . . .

  1. Clarify your own big picture. She asks, “Why are you living so frugally?” I want to pay off my student loans, help my kids and tithe more. I’d also like to visit friends in England. Mary says that having this big picture in mind will help me avoid the “poor me” syndrome when I decide to say “no” to that Tuesday staff lunch or beautiful plant.
  2. Tally your actual food expenses. This includes eating out. I can’t reduce the amount I spend if i don’t know the amount I spend. Do this for a month.
  3. Chop at your 10 list. After determining where the money is spent, look at the top 10 in terms of cost. Reduce the use or buy it cheaper. Mary has more to say on this and #1 and #2, so be sure to go to this post to read it in full.

I’ve never heard anyone mention #1 and #3. Between the tips from the cookin’ carnival and this list of 3, I’m hoping I can reduce my food spending 10%-20%.

Do you think that’s possible? I’m not sure cuz I’m not sure how much I spend on food per month.

What are your frugal menus? Shopping tips? Menu for the week?

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  • 1. Owlhaven  |  . at .

    Thanks for the mention!!!



  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    My pleasure, Mary. I wanted to let others know about your helpful posts.


  • 3. Lyn  |  . at .

    I’m looking forward to reading your links. Having some unexpected expenses, I’m on a mission to spend little and use what I have up.

    Your menu sounds great too.


  • 4. Lyn  |  . at .

    Forgot to leave my link….thanks again!


  • 5. Ruthie  |  . at .

    Love to send you the Mother’s Day Menu –
    can you let me know your email?
    Thanks for your encouraging words!


  • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

    Lyn, I left a message at your site about CVS. Good luck with it.

    Ruthie, I also left my email at your site. Thanks for the mother’s day menu. Great idea. Youa re welcome. 🙂



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