Facebook Adventure Beginning

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Hugging friendsSince joining Facebook I’ve had a small flurry of emails letting me know that . . . .

  • “Jene” has confirmed me as a friend
  • “Jon” added me as a friend
  • “Jasmine” requests that I be her friend
  • “Jamal” asks that I confirm or deny that we are related

Yesterday I received an email that made me scream out loud, “No Way!” It was a friend request from a classmate in high school. I haven’t talked to her in, well, too many decades. I look forward to catching up and hearing about her life since our last reunion party which was probably for the 15th year.

As I looked over her friend list, I saw the name and picture of Mickey, one of my best high school buds. I had lost contact with her many decades ago too. Of course I put in my own friend request late last night.

  • At 6:45 am I checked to see if she had responded yet. NO.
  • At 7:10 am, still NO.
  • By 7:30 am she hadn’t friended me yet.

Okay. I’m turning off the technology and getting on with my real life. I have a few things to do before going to a conference with some work mates. (Doesn’t that sound so professional?)

But wait, one last look. But alas, still NO email friend confirmation. This waiting is gonna be hard on my curiosity. And my imagination because I’m thinking, “Maybe she doesn’t want to be my friend and that’s why I haven’t heard from her yet.” Yes, part of me realizes that it is still before 8 am in her part of the world.

I don’t do rejection well. It seems like Facebook has the potential to bring a lot my way. What am I setting myself up for?

BTW – anyone from Peter Pond High School know where Char is? I’d like to send her a friend request too.

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  • 1. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Silly Goose! I hope your friend contacts you! I signed up for facebook but haven’t done anything with it. Now it has me curious, hmmm?


  • 2. Mickey  |  . at .

    Silly Goose is right…I had school after work on the 20th so didn’t see the message until the 21st!

    We stayed in touch until 1999 – but the last time we actually saw each other was 1979!!!

    One of these days we’ll get to see each other again – hmm in California or Canada….


  • 3. Mickey  |  . at .

    Oh, just read your 25 things about me. Favourite names – what happened to Amie?


  • 4. Susan  |  . at .

    Yes, Theresa, I was being a silly goose. I was sooo excited abaout speaking with Mickey, I just couldn’t wait. And then I had this conference to attend (which was good). But I am back now and looking forward to some computer time, in between all the school papers, retreat stuff and recruting for Church stuff.

    I missed you ALL so much!

    Ohhh, Mickey, this could be bad, having an “old” friend check out my stuff. You’ll be spilling the beans on ALL kinds of stuff. 🙂

    Yes, I did neglect to put Amie in, didn’t I? What a memory you have, Twiddle dee/dumm.



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