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On Twitter you have 140 characters to answer “What you are doing.” Because so few words areto do list available, I am forced to succinctly organize my thoughts.

I just posted the following:

Housework, school, body aches & Retreat details need addressing. Wondering how to organize my week for maximum effectiveness, joy & peace.

Now that I have succinctly written my thoughts, I can now blog about a solution in as many words as it takes.

Overwhelmed. That is the major feeling from the tweet I just posted. Since I am feeling overwhelmed, I jotted down on my white board what needs doing in the 4 categories of . . .

  • Housework
  • School
  • Body aches
  • Retreat details

I then chose the #1 item in each category.

  • Housework – Clean up from trips this week (Living room and kitchen)
  • School – Research for Premillennialsim paper
  • Body aches – Make chiropractor appointment & walk (Okay so this is 2 things, but I will read while I walk on roommate’s treadmill – unless I trip and add to my body aches.)
  • Retreat details – Gather/print out all information and put in one place for meeting with Reggie

Looking at this list, I realize that there are many steps involved in each category. So I wrote what needs to be done for each category – one item per slip of paper.

For example, Housework slips include . . . .

  • Put away sweaters
  • Put away suitcase
  • Clear off desk
  • Clear off table
  • Put Goodwill items into car
  • Sort out sand dollars (put in bleach water to soak, wash towels)
  • Put away dishes
  • Wash dishes
  • Take trash out
  • Wash beach blanket

I put these many slips of paper in a orange-colored gift bag. This time I chose to keep the categories separate. Sometimes I mix the category slips of paper all together into the same bag.

orange bagAfter I am finished with this post, I will set the timer for 30 minutes. Then I will pull out one piece of paper: read it and DO what it says until the timer goes off.

Then I will “reward” myself for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I hardly ever reward myself. I think this lack is one reason why I have a hard time accomplishing things on some days.

I am too hard of a task master on myself. When I add the “rewards” to my day, I find that I have more joy.

Here are a few rewards I could get used to . . . .

  • Eat a nutritious meal.
  • Chat with a friend.
  • Read a chapter in a “fun” book.
  • Take a shower.
  • Rest on an ice pack.
  • Write a note.
  • Water my garden.
  • Say out loud, “Job well done, Susan.” ( I probably wouldn’t do this for 20 minutes. I think that then borders on megalomania.)
  • Pray.

Then I’ll start the cycle over again with the timer and the orange bag of “job” slips of paper. Every finished slip of paper, brings me closer to peace. I’m trying to learn to live in peace even amidst the unfinished tasks of my lie.

So what do you do to help yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed and in a procrastinating mode? How do you organize your week for maximum effectiveness, joy & peace?

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    I do a variety of things. Sometimes my brain just shuts down. Making list works, decide what is really important & what can be delegated off or just not do. I tend to create more work for myself by 1. not asking for help, 2. doing things that really don’t have to be done, the end result will be the same if I handle a task in a simple way. Example: I was going to mail postcards for the next upcoming Sports Camp meeting in June, then do follow up calls. Phone calls will be just as effective & will limit writing & addressing a dozen cards.
    Also when feeling overwhelmed or just plain tired of thinking about a upcoming event (Sports Camp) or C.M. needs I try to do something physical…walk, work in yard (that’s what we did today, worked in front yard & a little bit in back). or take a day off from it. This week is a short week with the holiday & school ending this Thursday, some tasks will have to wait until next week to devote myself to J last week of school, watching my friends daughter & another friends son. Both of which are a good outlet for me & gets my mind off of worrisome things.
    And sometimes I call a good friend to cry & say “help” & she helps me sift through my list. Thank you good friend!

    Tackle one at a time, don’t be too hard on yourself & take care of your body!

    Need help with housework…call me. I will help.



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