Week 11-12 Summaries of 51 Things List

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Women’s Retreat (last weekend) and finals (done on the June 25th) have taken more of my time than I realized. More energy too. I am grateful that I have some women who surround me in prayer, good advice, and godly examples. It’s hard to get away with much with them around. Thank you, God. đŸ™‚

listI’ve crossed off a few more items from the list I made in honor of my 50th birthday.

From the Events List I’ve done the following:

  • Found out my FICO score. Go here to see what this all about. There is a house for sale right on the corner of LG’s street. I said to myself, “I could see me living here.” It’s a good price and thought I’d best check out my FICO score – which is good. After checking with a friend who is a mortgage broker, I decided now is not the time as income (too little) is a factor.
  • Told one joke publicly – at retreat last week. In fact, I rigged the Getting To Know You Bingo game. I put Willing to tell a joke now as one of the squares. That way if it came up, I’d be “forced” to tell it, if I wanted the square. Since I am competitive, I wanted the square.
  • Checked out language schools abroad. I might do this instead of going on a Missions trip next year. I want to become fluent in Spanish and think that such a program would be helpful and fun and nerve-wracking. 4-5 hours a day of Spanish instruction and living with a Spanish-speaking host family will definitely sharpern my skills. Some of the programs also offer lessons in other things like, history, literature, sailing, surfing, scuba, and flamenco dancing. Scuba is so been-there-done that, BUT flamenco dancing or sailing has an appeal. Can you just imagine ME, who can’t clap and sing at the same time or or walk-and-talk without injury doing either one of these things?

Now on to the Habits list:

  • Chip is so perky these days regular walks are a must. He demands them, sometimes several times a day. His dental appointment cleared up his teeth issues and pain meds are taking care of the arthritis in his hips. It does my heart good to see “my old man” doing so well.
  • Crafty thing for June was doing the finish work on the bed treats for retreat. To those of you who went to retreat, aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Maybe I’ll get someone to show me how to put a picture of them here. Or maybe Lynette or TJKnits will post of picture on their blogs and I’ll link to them.
  • Bedtime is still about 11 pm instead of 10 pm.

I guess this isn’t too bad of a list. How’s it going with you?

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Retreat Thoughts Still Swirling Grateful for 14 Things

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    Way to go, knocking things off your list! You tell more jokes then I do. I still don’t know any. I’ll let u be the funny one, how about that? I love you! It has been comforting talking to you on the phone. Have a great weekend.



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