Bingo Helps Me Get Things Done

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Bingo can be used as a learning re-enforcer, learning game, or motivator.

Last week I wrote about Bingo as a Getting to Know You game. I also mentioned that you could use it as a learning re-enforcer or motivator for the dreaded to-do list.

All week I have been using it as a motivator for the dreaded to-do list. And it has been fun! So my June habit is to use this everyday. You can go here to fill out and then print your own BINGO TO-DO List card.

I copy-and-pasted the Bingo square into a WORD doc. Each day I “save as” the previous day’s doc with the current day’s date. I now have a stack of Bingo cards for each day last week letting me know what I did.

Some to-do’s are the same for everyday. Like . . . .

  • Take a.m. vitamins (not taking any p.m. vitamins yet)
  • Drink 4 C. water (This is on three times. I have 3-4 cup containers that I fill and drink from)
  • Declutter/extra clean 15 minutes a day (in the kitchen right now)
  • Water plants
  • Read Bible
  • Pray for ______________
  • Walk with Chip

And then each morning I put on the things that really need to get done that day. Here is some of what I included . . . .

  • Put Goodwill stuff into car
  • Take stuff to Goodwill
  • Input New Testament notes from last class
  • Research/write New Testament paper
  • Take out trash

I am supposed to give myself a prize every time I get a Bingo. Don’t tell my daughter I haven’t. So far getting so much done has been the prize! Most days I do not complete all the squares. But I don’t feel defeated because I actually see how much I get done and see that more could NOT be reasonably completed.

For more Smart Habit Saturday ideas go here.


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