16 – That’s a Sweet Number for Gratitude

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thanks youHere are 16 sweet things I’m thankful for . . . .

  1. Blondies – made this up last night to eat while watching Army Wives. (HT to Tea Party Girl)
  2. Army Wives – a TV show on Lifetime about the “challenges [of] trying to fit in, stay connected to their soldier spouses and abide by strict military traditions.” Dealing with death and grief, making hard choices, the strain of “what if,” and fear are all things I can relate to. While not many answers are presented on the show, it is clear that a support system is needed. And this is perhaps a major part of the answer. I can relate to that too.
  3. My own support team – you know who you are – thanks!
  4. Low expectationsRead here for how this (and my friendships) contribute to my gratitude. What do you think?
  5. Cool breeze snaking its way through my home this a.m.
  6. Successful showing of my dd’s art work.
  7. All kitchen cabinedoors and drawer faces are now degreased.
  8. Kitchen floor is CLEAN! I know I listed that for yesterday, but I’m still grateful.
  9. Books – they give me knowledge which can help me grow, stop procrastinating, and keep me/others alive.
  10. To-Do Lists or currently Bingo These help keep me organized, help me accomplish what needs doing, and remind me of my priorities.
  11. My neighborhood – even while it scored a dismal 38/100 as far as walkablility goes, I love: my home, nearness to work and sister (and family), the nature that surrounds me, and knowing I’m where I should be.
  12. Just because kisses from Chip – He really is feeling so healthy and pain-free.
  13. Walks – Not only is it good for the obvious health reasons, it is good for other reasons. When walking I can brain dump my worries, burdens, and concerns in prayer.
  14. Prayers from my friends and family for me and mine for them.
  15. CouponsGo here for a free $10 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. Let me know when you receive your coupon, maybe we can all meet up at Outback. (HT to imommies)
  16. My Day – I have the whole day ahead of me to accomplish my schooling and work goals.

What’s on your sweet list?

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  • 1. Jasmine  |  . at .

    I love walking too. I walk 6 days a week. 60 – 90 minutes a day.

    That blondie recipe sounds interesting. I have never had a blondie before.


  • 2. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Your lists always encourage me! I’m hoping that I can keep my migraine at bay this week so that while Hubby is off I can whittle off things on my to do list! Paying bills this morning. :o( Yuck! But more organizing fun stuff to do too.

    I love blondies more than brownies. I shouldn’t eat either right now though. :o)

    Keep walking! Yeah! I have been doing 2 miles a day with the DVD (too smoggy, too much wildfire smoke to be outside) and keeping up too. I have only had one day where I made it over 10K steps though.


  • 3. Tea Party Girl  |  . at .

    Did you like the Blondie Brownies? You must have! Number one of a thankful list of 16, Wow!


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    I loved them. They will be a staple on my “keep on hand for company” list. I love reading your posts as I learn a lot about hospitality and tea.



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