I Wanna Go To Camp Too – Here Are My 44 Ideas

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Is "Making Sushi at Home" on your wish list for camp? (not on my list!)

Is “Making Sushi at Home” on your wish list for camp?
(not on my list!)

I loved summer camp as a kid. I went to camp as a Scout and through the YMCA. I have memories of horseback riding, archery, working on/completing badges, crafting, hikes, water play and of course campfire time of scorching marshmallows, singing and skits.

I just read this article on how to start your own kids summer camp. I know that SI and her kiddos go to Cousin camp. Many of the local church kids will be going to either/or Sports camp and Youth camp.

I want to go to camp. But I don’t know what I’d like to do for that week.

Camps have activities so I’ll start there. Here are some ideas . . . .

  1. In-depth training for walking a half-marathon in October.
  2. Create a healthy menu and shopping plan for 3 months.
  3. Cook up some nutritious and inexpensive meals for my small freezer.
  4. Make a bean bag bed for Chip. I have sunshine yellow fleece material. I just need some beads.
  5. Make a jeans purse. Robbie made a cute one for retreat.
  6. Create 4 different types of cards and participate in a swap.
  7. Create an inexpensive water garden.
  8. Learn how to make home made refried beans and tortillas.
  9. Make a log cabin quilt in a day.
  10. Have a tea party with some healthy foods and yummy teas all decked out in hats and feather boas.
  11. Learn some magic tricks.
  12. Show off tricks at a Talent Show.
  13. Read a book and then discuss it with a group. Do something tangible (craft, action, ?) afterwards (as a group).
  14. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  15. Go on a movable meal (Appetizer in one place, salad in another, main course in yet another place, etc.)
  16. Use my camera and take 5 good, printable pictures each day for a week. Print them.
  17. Make 5 scrapbook BOM pages. At least plan them.
  18. Hook my old laptop to a monitor and retrieve all the files. Especially my scrapbook layouts.
  19. Create an outdoor maze. Do some computer or paper mazes as well.
  20. Play croquet. Have wacky prizes for the winners.
  21. Make ice cream. Have an ice cream making contest.
  22. BBQ something I’ve never BBQ’ed before.
  23. Go play miniature golf. Or create my own course and invite others over. Or better yet, have others help me with this.
  24. Decorate a journal.
  25. Get a reflexology foot massage. Then paint ’em purty.
  26. Design and make women’s tea favor for next year.
  27. Plan a winter garden.
  28. Paint something: a wall, tole project, stationary, front door.
  29. Dye my hair a fun color.
  30. Go on a walking tour of my town.
  31. Have a movie fest: get 3-4 movies from red box,some healthy snacks, a friend of two.
  32. Learn to do 2 new things on my blog.
  33. Participate in sing thing – maybe around a camp fire and pass out the makings for s’mores.
  34. Go tubing down the American River.
  35. Go to a women’s game night.
  36. Organize a regular Bunko night in my neighborhood.
  37. Fast track through a 6 week video Bible study in 6 days.
  38. Learn about investing; join an investing group.
  39. Attend seminar on IRAs. Figure out how to fund one this year.
  40. Go to Crocker Art museum. Create art once home.
  41. Plan my funeral.
  42. Finish knitted baby booties. I probably should re-do it as I’ve dropped some stitches. Then learn how to knit some other baby things.
  43. Spanish camp.
  44. Slumber crafting party.

Your Turn . . .  Wanna go to camp too? What would you put on your list?

Maybe we can combine some ideas and actually do a few of these things in one week. Like in mid-to-late July. Or am I just pie-in-the sky dreaming here?

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    #8 ask Monica
    #11 Magic Show at church July 28?
    #44 Crocker has family days at the musuem where you make crafts.
    #43 Spanish Camp at the Rec. Center

    Love em all. Add learn sign lang.


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .


    Maybe as part of my winter garden plan, I could add make garden stepping stones. maybe you have use for some of these in your garden rooms?

    Thanks for the info. What would you do (besides learn sign language) for your summer camp?


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    Women’s game night.
    Go see Mama Mia (coming out in July)
    Decorate a journal
    Go to Applebees after 9pm. Half price appetizers.
    Learn to knit
    Crafting party.
    Music Circus
    Read books on Holy Reading & Liturgical Praying.
    Do a study on Holy Reading with a group if there is such a thing.
    Go to nature centers
    Take a ride in a B-17
    Hot Air Balloon Adventure.
    Retreat to the ocean with close friends.


  • 4. michelle  |  . at .

    I want to go to camp too. I want to row a boat. Make some more rice pads. Be in a book club. I am in for a sleep over.



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