It’s June 19th, So I’m Grateful for 19 Things

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thank youTaking time to think about what I’m grateful for has been a good exercise for my memory and soul. It shows me that I have MUCH to be thankful for. Today is June 19 and I have 19 things to be thankful for . . . .

  1. Gift certificate to a nail salon. I got a pedicure for my neglected and very sore feet. They look cute! Other people even said so.
  2. Indoor plumbing. Obvious why.
  3. A microwave. For about 2 months we didn’t have a working microwave. It is amazing how many times (a day even) our microwave was in use.
  4. Compliment about my hair: “It’s cute that way.” It was in a pony tail. So now both ends of me have been described as cute. It will be a RED letter DAY when the middle bits of me get a “cute” compliment too.
  5. Lynette, our Children’s Ministry Director. She is in charge of this year’s Sports Camp. Tons of details and she’s handling it with grace and professionalism. The kids who attend will have fun, be safe, and hear God’s Word. Thank you, Lynette, for making this happen.
  6. Christian tracts. These little booklets explain the Gospel so well.
  7. Phone & Son. Last night I was able to catch up with the happenings in my son’s life. He took the (“how many?!”) stitches out of his finger last night. Because it’s still swollen, hammering as usual is difficult. I’m grateful the injury wasn’t worse.
  8. Great sleep last night. I went to bed at 10:30 pm.
  9. Prayer. I know there are many who pray for me. Thank you. I believe that prayer makes such a difference.
  10. Money to pay for gas in my car and home.
  11. Talk Radio. That’s what I listen to in the car. That’s how I get caught up on political news.
  12. Having my hair cut at home. Jessica D. even called me to schedule the appointment. She does a great job and will be here for 6 more weeks. So ladies, she is staying at her mom’s. She said it was okay to give her a mention here. When we lived in England, there was a woman who came to our cuil-de-sac and cut hair for about 4 families – all on the same day. Our hair never looked so good!
  13. It’s new kind of internet radio station. You program it to play only the songs you like. Currently I am exploring music by Avalon. Right now I am listening to Oxygen by Avalon. Lyrics are here. Hat tip to Alanna for telling me about Pandora.
  14. Fresh blueberries. My prayer partner gave me some from her garden. I made pancakes and topped them with home made syrup.
  15. Wind. I really like feeling the wind on my face. Even if it does mess up my cute hair.
  16. Larger print on my screen. I just learned how to do this for a PC. Press the Control key and srcoll backwards (towards you, away from screen) on the mouse scrolly thing to make the print larger. Scroll forwards (towards the screen) to make the print smaller. Like my technical language?
  17. Ability to change. I am thankful that I can grow in the Fruit of the Spirit. I am thankful that God gives me this desire, strength, courage, and perseverance to do so. Go here for some children’s worksheets on the Fruit. There are coloring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more. Here’s an adult resource, Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit, a book by Beth Moore.
  18. Water. Enough of it so that I can water my garden. And watch it grow well.
  19. Relatively pain free body. Another obvious why. 🙂

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    Professionalism & Grace-thanks for the compliment.

    Got my appt. with Jessica for a haircut & carpet cleaning. She going help me do my carpets for the 1st time with my Kirby Home Cleaning System that she sold me.

    New do & clean carpets-it will be a feel good day!


  • 2. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    That’s funny about the microwave because we made a decision not to use it. The only thing we use it for is for my microwavable wax (so I have less facial hair than hubby! LOL). We really don’t miss it. For instance, soup heats faster on the stove than the microwave! I never thought I’d see the day we gave one up though.

    Thanks for the link for kids fruit of the spirit. I am doing my own Bible studies for the kids using materials I make or find free for the most part and it has been fun. Behavior lately has made me want to take a break from Genesis and do the fruits of the Spirit!

    Hurrah for indoor plumbing! :o)



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