Rethinking 51 Things TO DO List

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Yikes! Week 13 means I am 1/4th of the way through my 50th year. Time to do a little rethinking about my list. Just because I wrote it up doesn’t mean I HAVE to accomplish it. I ‘d like to rethink the following . . . .

Go on a bus tour of SF with my kiddos. My kiddos don’t want to do this. I do. But is it more important to spend time with the kiddos or to go on the tour either by myself or find someone else to go with me? No right or wrong answer here. I just need to figure out the main desire behind this goal.  

Pay off 1/4th of my student loans. Since I am using my “available ” money to pay for my current tuition, I don’t see how this will happen. I think this goal should be postponed until AFTER I am done with seminary.

Go ice-blocking. Obviously my 18 year-old brain was making THAT goal. Really, should my 50 year-old body with a BAD back chance accomplishing this goal? I’m thinking “No!” So what else could I do that involves ice, motion, people, and the outdoors? If you come up with any answers, tell me.

Vote intelligently. I really need to figure out exactly what that means – for me. Some would think voting a straight Republican or Democrat ticket is the “intelligent” thing to do. I do listen to talk radio, but I need to do some more investigating.  

Figure out what’s wrong with my camera. Since a camera was given to me (Thanks, friend!), do I really need to spend time on this item? Other than, I hate to get rid of things, especially if it’s fixable.


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    Want me to take a look at the camera?

    Eat popsicles while roller skating or slurp on Icee’s with friends (our mouths would be moving,so that counts as movement right?) or build a ice cube scuplture with your nieces or if I think of anymore I will pass it your way. Don’t want you to miss a goal!



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