I’m Thankful for 21 Things

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thank youWhat things are you thankful for? You don’t have to list 21 things like I did.

  1. Papers that are done! Turned in the last one for Building a Relational Ministry to Women. More (for a different class) are due on Wednesday.

  2. Recycling. Some of my nieces are into this. So like a good Auntie, I save the infrequent soda and water bottles I have. Today while doing errands, I spied 2 soda cans in the parking lot. Of course I picked them up. I like that not all my trash goes into trash heaps somewhere.
  3. Recycling Centers. Are not created equal. Be sure to call around to see how much they pay. Also ask if they pay for the caps on the bottles.
  4. Red Box. Movies dispensed like candy in a vending machine. Only One Dollar (plus tax)! What’s not to like? To see a list of available movies go here. There are only about 75 movies to choose from, but they are currentish. I found 8 movies I’d like to see. On Mondays, several blogs post coupon codes for a freebie. I don’t think they do this every week. Anyway, check out imommies, BeCentsAble, and Be Thrifty Like Us. In my town a Red Box is located at Raleys, Safeway and WalMart.
  5. My toenails. Sorry to have to bring this up again, but ya’ll – they are still cute.
  6. Leftovers. Yesterday I made up a pot of Thai rice, bowlful of jello with mandarin oranges, and soaked black eyed beans that are cooking right now. Defrost some ham and it sounds like a good dinner to me.
  7. Ziploc bags. I’ve tried using other brands – just doesn’t work well for me.
  8. My timer. When I have a tough time getting going, I let my timer be the boss. I set it for 15 minutes and get to work on that paper, the laundry, or finding all those tax papers that I promised myself I’d put all in one place this year. When it dings, I have my permission to stop. Usually I keep going and get quite a bit, if not all, of the task done.
  9. Fund raisers. Are also not created equal. I especially like the ones that are service oriented – like a car wash or are event oriented – like the carnival that will be held at our church on July 3rd. The money will go towards a playground for the Big Kids Club.
  10. SacFit.com. Great program for training (as a runner or walker) for either a half or full marathon.
  11. Snuggles. Hugs are good too. đŸ™‚
  12. The universe. There are some pretty amazing photos of our galaxy and those billions (?) that surround us. I’d research and find some photos for you, but I still have to research for some legitimate work. See #1. So if you find some space photos on-line, be sure to tell us in the comment section.
  13. My toothbrush. I’m thrilled I get to use a clean, nylon one every 3 months. The thought of not having one, chewing on a stick, or using one with pig neck bristles or horse’s hair doesn’t appeal.
  14. Prayer chain from church. It is awesome to be able to pray for others and to have prayer for myself within a relatively short time.
  15. Akismet. This comment and trackback spam catcher on WordPress has caught 40,458 spam comments so far!
  16. Commentaries: on-line, in book form or on software. It is amazing how they can open up the Bible, especially the historical-cultural aspect.
  17. My health. Thank you , God. I am also taking better care of myself because I want to stay healthy.
  18. The children in my life. Those that are not blood-related. They bring such joy with their attitudes and love for Jesus. Thank you, mommies, for being diligent in the raising of these precious ones. Your diligence WILL pay off.
  19. Construction paper. It makes such nice things – even a fold-out card. I have one taped to my white board that HI made for me at Mother’s Day.
  20. My daughter’s boyfriend. He is so good to my daughter and the nieces. He is so talented too. He is an an artist and has been working for Disney on the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance game.
  21. God’s schedule. It is so much more sane than mine. I am working on overcoming this insanity. Anyone read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha Wold: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life by Joanna Weaver? I need to go through this study. You?

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    I just discovered the Red Box movie dispensers. I think J wonders where Ihave been all this time. We watch Hairspray & National Treasure 2. J loved Hairspray.

    I am taking a peek at your cute toes tomorrow.



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