What 24 Things Make My Gratitude List?

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6 Things I am grateful for regarding my family:

  1. My kiddos like, love and get along well with each other.
  2. My son has overcome his past.
  3. My daughter has overcome her extreme quietness.
  4. My sista and her hubby are consistent, loving, godly parents.
  5. My sista and hubby gave my son and I a transition place to live when we moved here from CO.
  6. All my nieces (6 of them!) are healthy, maturing individuals.

6 Things I am grateful about regarding me:

  1. Sleep fixes most aches. I go to bed tired and sore and usually wake up rested and pain free.
  2. I haven’t had an accident recently – seriously klutzy here.
  3. The gift/skill/talent mix God has given me.
  4. I do have a purpose and worth.
  5. I have learned (and am still learning) patience.
  6. God isn’t finished with me yet.

6 Things I am grateful for regarding my country:

  1. My vote and political involvement make a credible difference.
  2. It is based on freedom principles and God.
  3. Welcomes people of all faiths, colors, and races.
  4. Is the land of opportunity.
  5. Allows and upholds freedom of the press – even for dissenting opinions.
  6. I live here.

6 Things I am grateful for regarding my friends:

  1. They pray for me.
  2. They chastise me.
  3. They help me with my projects.
  4. They show me how to live life well – especially during/after hardship.
  5. They help me play.
  6. We share a passion for following God.

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