My ABC’s of Gratitude

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Thank youToday is June 26. The alphabet has 26 letters. See a connection here? I’m going to list 26 things for which I am grateful, alphabet style

A. Artists. Like my daughter and niece SA. I cannot create original work and so I am grateful for those who can. That way I get to look at pretty things.

B. Banana Stuffed French Toast. SM made that before we had Bible study and it was delish!

C. Chiropractor. Going to one has definitely helped my back and neck.

D. Deadlines. They help me order my life.

E. Earplugs. In my purse I keep a pair in an empty cinnamon Altoid tin. I use them at the library, concerts and even when I’m by myself at home studying.

F. Five new posts at my daughter’s blog. I love reading about her world and thoughts.

G. Girlfriends. I don’t see why some ladies abhor girlfriend relationships.

H. Hope. In Jesus, from God, His Word and friends/family. This is what gets me through the tough times and helps me sail through the easier times.

I. Igloo memory. My kiddos and I made an igloo when we lived in CO. We attempted to sleep the nightigloo inside it. But about 2 am I whispered, “Is anyone awake? I’m freezing.” Both responded and we drug our stuff indoors to spend the rest of the night in a warm place that couldn’t come crashing down on us.

J. Jack-o-lanterns. I have many good memories of the family carving these up in the Fall.

K. Keys. I know where they are!

L. Laughing. Especially laughter that comes from a baby’s belly.

M. Music. It has the power to move me into a worshipful state, energetic, or even just happy.

N. Nose – mine. I am thankful that it isn’t stuffy today.

O. Open door policy. I am grateful this is how God deals with His children. He’s never off duty or too busy to listen.

P. Pillow. I have one that fits my neck perfectly.

Q. Quiet. I am rejuvenated by the quiet. I need it to think and to write papers. I never could understand how my son could have the music blaring and do homework at the same time.

R. Restaurants. I like going out to eat with friends. I went to Chevys with CA. Our server looked like a tanned Elvis Presley. 🙂

S. Sharing. Instead of us all buying new things, I love it when sharing goes on. I.e. I am sharing some books with TL and she is sharing with me.

T. Texas. I lived there for a couple of years during junior high/high school age. In Texas on March 9, 1974 I became a Christian.

umbrella in rainU. Umbrella. Isn’t it fun to stand under a HUGE, colorful umbrella, safe from pelting raindrops?

V. Vanilla. I love this as a flavoring, scent and ice cream-Breyer’s natural vanilla is the best.

W. Women’s Ministry Team. These ladies are awesome and help me in so many ways. Besides doing business together they help me grow as a woman by their examples, honesty, and conversations.

X. X-Rays. The last ones taken of my neck and back show that both are improving!

Y. Yellow Room. Yes, I have a yellow room. My son calls it the yellow submarine room. The color makes me smile.

Z. Zuchinni. I have a tiny one growing in my backyard.

What are your ABC’s of gratitude?

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