Full Throttle Doesn’t Phase Me

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I’m feeling lackluster. . . .energy-less. . . . barely in the crawling mode. . . . because of too many late nights and too many early mornings. And no naps in between. The next several days promise to be B-U-S-Y.

So I did something I’ve never done before. I bought an energy drink, Full Throttle. And drank it all in one sitting.

Just so you know, this 16 oz. drink did not give me any extra energy.

I drank it 46 minutes ago. Maybe it’ll take some time before the B Vits, caffeine, ginseng, guarana, taurine, carnitine & sucrose circulate in my blood stream and ramp me up to full throttle.

On the plus side. . . . It tastes good. And the can looks wicked cool.

I’ll update this in several hours, if there is a change in my energy level.

UPDATED: I did not experience my 2:00 slump until 5 pm. And after a 50 minute rest I was ok. I was able to go to sleep quickly.

Have you ever had an energy drink? Did it help?

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  • 1. Jenny Arnez  |  . at .

    Wicked Cool, baby.


  • 2. catlady  |  . at .

    Alll those those ingredients are too busy battling each other to help your energy level. Zowee! What a combo! If taken on an empty stomach I’d be careening off the walls. I’ve had energy drinks without the caffeine since caffeine and I can be pretty adversarial at times. I have tried Chinese herbs to stay awake when working nights but, if one takes too many one doesn’t sleep for a day or two. Yikes!
    Good luck Susan dear ….


  • 3. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    I’ve never tried those. I’m afraid they would trigger a migraine! I hope you weren’t up with insomnia after drinking that yesterday!


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    Nope, did not affect my sleep at all. I think I’m immune to caffeine.


  • 5. skydi  |  . at .

    Hi. Wow, the combo of added caffine and sugar is a deadly combo in all the energy drinks. Never drank any energy drinks until a close friend had me try one in June. Said it was healthy for me, cost is less than anything out there, doesn’t give the jitters and no crash. I said “Oh Sure” but I tried it and wow does it work. It works so well I lost weight the first week I started drinkin it. It curbed my appetite and I didn’t expect that to happen! I am down 13 lbs in about a 3week period with it and our weight mgmt drink. So if you are lookin for a healthy one check out my page and my web site:)



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