August Declutter Challenge – Day 12

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Today’s Decluttered Area was to the right of my computer monitor:

  • I gathered together all the stamps I had torn off incoming mail (about 20)
  • I found 2 used inkjet cartridges

Both are going to church with me later today. We collect cancelled stamps. After they are properly trimmed they are eventually sent to a company that buys used stamps. The money earned buys curriculum (I think Bible and school) for children in 3rd world countries. If you’d like to send you cancelled stamps to me, leave a comment. 🙂

The women’s ministry team collects used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, etc. The money was used at Retreat time to fund a handful of scholarships. The next time we turn in these things, we’ll send the money to some workers in the Arab Lands who don’t have proper facilities in their homes yet (think toilets).

 Everyone doing the declutter challenge is making it fit their life and time.Some declutter bunches of stuff. Some do one thing. This is what the guidelines state: Declutter one thing each day for a week and blog about it. GO HERE for the challenge rules. It’s not too late to join.

Want to see what some other people are doing? Follow the links to get some great ideas about decluttering and other things too.

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  • 1. doodah!  |  . at .

    I think I have an inkjet cartridge. My printer is called a “Deskjet F380” – think that counts?

    And, I have always been curious about how the heck that stamp thing works…. I suppose I could google it somehow. But for now, I will leave it a mystery. Far too few mysteries these days.

    Kudos on your de-cluttering. I’m feeling the need for another 30 days of nothing myself.


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .


    That cartridge counts indeed. Give it up, girl!

    One of these days I’ll interview Elise as she is in charge of the stamp ministry. Then, when you are ready, I’ll explain and take the mystery out of the stamps. But only when you are ready. 🙂

    I hear you about needing another 30 days of nothing. I plan on doing that in September with Owlhaven.


  • 3. Amanda  |  . at .

    how awesome it must feel to declutter and give to a good cause at the same time.

    thanks for linking up the other blogs. off to go check them out!


  • 4. Marcia "HDMac" McFarlane  |  . at .

    It is amazing what we “collect” around our computers and desk area! That is on my list, too. You are doing a great job! And appreciate your encouragment also!

    And I do agree with Amanda. It feels sooooooo good to declutter and it also feels good to give some perfectly wonderful items to those who are in need of it. 🙂


  • 5. Eva Wallace  |  . at .

    The stamp thing sounds interesting – can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Good for you on your decluttering! I only have two things done yet this week, so I have to make up for it today. 🙂



  • 6. Beth Dargis  |  . at .

    I love how your church is using the clutter to help others!



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