Month Long Decluttering Ends with Wahoo, Links & Lessons Learned

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Marcia from Organising Queen says I deserve a huge pat on the back since I decluttered every day this past month. You know what? I agree.

There are some others who also did the same.

Wahoo & congrats to ALL of us


This is what I did this past month.

  1. For Week 1 Decluttering go here.
  2. For Week 2 Decluttering go here.
  3. For Week 3 Decluttering go here.
  4. For Week 4 Decluttering go here.
  5. For Week 4.5 Decluttering go here.

If you want to see what others did, go to this link.

I learned 3 things this past month.

(1) Decluttering one item a day is doable and adds up over a month. In order to NOT get discouraged about the huge task, I need to concentrate on the one thing I can do today. Because I was able to keep that focus, I usually decluttered more than one thing. Of course, I celebrated that. But, for the days I decluttered one thing, I celebrated just as much.

(2) I learned that I’ve been decluttering more than physical things. The act of decluttering, for some of us, is an emotional task. Thankfully, I’ve been dealing with some of these emotions. So, I was able to declutter some expectations, memories, and guilt associated with various things.

(3) Boy, do I expect a LOT from myself. You should see my to-do list. I admit, pretty unrealistic. The same is true for what I think I can declutter in a day. My expectations were way off, and still are on some days. I didn’t get all this stuff in one day, one week or even one month. So, it will take me some months to declutter fully. I know that Clean House is NOT coming here to rescue me  – to get me all decluttered and organized. I can do this.One item at a time. And with God’s help I can decide upon and follow a doable schedule and to-do list.

Finally, what is the biggest impact on my home? To be truthful, at times, it is still messy. Mainly because I’m not too good about putting things back after I’ve used them. I know that having a clutter free home takes more than just getting rid of the clutter.  I’d like to answer this question after another month of decluttering. maybe then, I’ll have an answer.

Thank you to Marcia from Organising Queen  and Beth from My Simpler Life for this challenge and for giving me (and us) the opportunity to declutter and grow as individuals and as a group.

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  • 1. Marcia "HDMac" McFarlane  |  . at .

    You have done such an awesome job this challenge! I am so proud of you. 🙂 It is sooooo true that all this “stuff” didn’t get here is just one day. And it will take time to completely “conquer” the declutter monster! But what I have seen this is an “”evolving” process…..All of us will always have things to declutter, even our dear friend and mentor Marcia, the Organising Queen. I am finding that because I have given things a home, I don’t want to see them out cluttering up my nice new surfaces. I feel like I have decluttered that “monkey” on my back!!! lol I hope you feel that way too. I hope that you will continue to join us for the weekly challenges that Marcia is going to do.

    I am so thankful to have gotten to know you thru this challenge and hope that we will stay in touch!

    Good luck and remember we are all still here for you!!!



  • 2. Patricia  |  . at .

    I agree with Marcia, you have done a great job. What keeps me motivated is how proud my family is of the changes…my daughter wants to have bible study here tonight, and I feel good about having people over…no more dread, and wondering what they are thinking about the mess in my dining room…
    Like Marcia said, this is just the beginning. Though the challenge is over, I cleaned out my linen closet this morning. I know when my husband goes to it tonight that he will make me feel very good about my accomplishment for the day….it took about 40 minutes, but he always thinks I’ve been busy all day….I’ll never tell…LOL


  • 3. doodah!  |  . at .

    Wahoo is right! Congratulations!!! This is a great accomplishment. I’m glad you enjoyed it and feel successful and have felt emotional release as well as material. You rock!!


  • 4. Beth Dargis  |  . at .

    I love hearing the lessons learned. It’s great to see that expectations are becoming more realistic. It’s really not fair if we beat ourselves up for not completing something that’s not even realistic.

    You can keep this up! One item at a time.


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  • 7. Zaniah  |  . at .

    Hi All,

    I didn’t do the challenge officially because I was relocating to a new province all through August and literally barely touched my computer. I have quite the e-mail backlog going on here!

    Because I was packing and moving, I did get rid of a lot of stuff, though, and now that I’m pulling stuff out of boxes, am realizing that I need to get rid of even more! But, I’ve started my new job and only got my stuff a couple of days before I went back to work (was supposed to be sooner), so it’s still quite a disaster in here. I did all the essentials over the weekend (stuff came on Friday and I started work on Monday), and am now at a halt.

    Would someone give me some motivational words to help me get going? I’m exhausted and actually got very sick because of how crazy hard I was pushing myself, but just need to keep going a bit longer to get this house together before I crash completely. I think I probably expect too much of myself, but who can stand to look at boxes and junk everywhere? Any and all advice/widsom/good thoughts would be received with gratitude!!!



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