How to Spend Nothing & Come Out a Better Person

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30 Days of Nothing sounds so dramatic. Like it’s a big void, no action, or maybe even valueless.  It is in truth a 30 day fast from commercialism. Existing on the bare necessities.  Nothing extra.

Some bloggers participated in such a fast several years ago. Tonia from Study in Brown led this original experience. We spent less, spent more thoughtfully and blogged about our spending journey. It was profound for most. For me.  It was life-changing, but, alas, only in the short-term.

Mary from Owlhaven is hosting another 30 Days of Nothing. Read her post on Why Do With Less?   And how/why she’ll be spending only $200 for 12 people at the grocery store this month.

So, once again, I’ll fast from spending on the extras, the frills, the little luxuries I allow myself.  Like an ice cream cone at McDonalds, another pair of tweezers so I can keep it in my car, or a movie from Redbox. These expenditures and other non-essentials are banned this month.

So, what’s allowed? Plenty of thinking and journaling about why and how I spend my money. I’ll grapple with other questions like . . .

  • Is it a prudent purchase?
  • Who is affected by my choice of product?
  • Am I a cheerful giver? Generous?
  • By changing my lifestyle, how may I help others more?

Rather than being classified as no action, it will require plenty of action. I’ll need to take action to avoid impulse buying or buying like a “rich” person.  Plenty of thought to determine . . .

  • Do I really need this?
  • Can the money be better spent some place else?
  • Or if it’s really needed, Can I buy the less expensive alternative?

Because in the United States, we have plenty of alternatives!

Rather than being classified as valueless, I believe this fast will help me to become a better person. I know. That sounds dramatic. But, I believe how I spend reveals my heart, my true person.

I want my spending to show that I am . . .

  • Content with what I have.  
  • Blessed beyond compare and so share those blessings with others.
  • A faithful steward of what God has entrusted to me.
  • Living with eternity’s goals in mind.
  • Compassionate and generous with my trust fund from God.

So I vow to not impulse buy.

I vow to spend money only on the necessities. Right now, I don’t know how else I’ll thoughtfully live, but I will journal about this process as I live these 30 days with my eyes, heart and soul wide open.

Go here to see who else has jumped on this 30 Days of Nothing adventure.

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  • 2. Dawn~4sweetums  |  . at .

    Just stopping by to wish you luck. I am looking forward to this challenge.


  • 3. doodah!  |  . at .

    Yay! I’m so glad this is happening again. I really needed it.



  • 4. Owlhaven  |  . at .

    glad you’re in on this– I am looking forward to reading what you have to say.



  • 5. Fawndear  |  . at .

    It’s so nice to see so many different people trying this whole month of nothing. I’m going to be trying to get ideas from everyone and so look forward to seeing what you learn.
    Best wishes


  • 6. Megan  |  . at .

    I agree–This is definitely NOT a task of inaction. I usually do a weekly menu plan, but this time I did the whole month. It also took a lot of effort on my part to make it through the first week of grocery shopping without grabbing things that “looked good” or had a “good price”. The goal is to clean out my cupboards/freezer, not to restock them as I go!


  • 7. Gillian  |  . at .

    I don’t know if I’m ready to apply this to my whole life, but in January I definitely want to do this with regard to grocery shopping. My freezer is full of goodies and my pantry is out of control! So like Megan, I want to focus on using what I already have, rather than restocking.



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