Friday Declutter Challange A Miscellaneous Mixture

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When I am crazy busy with a project and need to take a break or procrastinate, I’ll tackle another project for a bit. Luckily for me, it was decluttering.

 September 6: Pile of papers from my desk.

September 7: One empty box (wahoo – all those papers are now in the trash), one magic set filled with broken and missing pieces, & paper trash (from the box).


September 8: More discarded papers.



September 9: Went through a box of clothes and books. Both yielded items that no longer fit who I am.



September 9: One Basket . . .Two Clear Ornaments . . .Three bottles of glass paint.

Read this post to see why I gave them up. The pertinent part starts with these sentences: “I have some ornament kits that I thought I would make with my children. My children are now 24 and 25.”

 September 10: Pile of socks. Mates are MIA and have been for several months.

September 11: Decluttered my inbox: Down to 83.

Go to Marcia’s place, Organising Queen to sign up for this week’s challenge or to see what others have accomplished. If accountability, camaraderie, and encouragement would help you with decluttering, consider joining the decluttering challenge and then share your results next Friday.


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  • 1. Marcia , Organising Queen  |  . at .

    Well done, Susan! Those ornament kits made me smile 😉 24 and 25!

    I loved how you said the clothes don’t fit “who you are” – NICE!


  • 2. Theresa  |  . at .

    Susan, I think that you should have a church women’s declutter challenge, maybe after Christmas to give incentive for the new year and have a church garage sale with proceeds for ? All the left overs, we could arrange the guys with trucks to take to Teen Challenge or another ministry oriented thrift store. That way, we all benefit!


  • 3. Marcia "HDMac" McFarlane  |  . at .

    I like your comment about your clothes… sometimes, it isn’t that they don’t fit, it is that they don’t fit who we are today! I liked that!

    Susan, you have done a GREAT job!!!!! The journey continues! 🙂


  • 4. doodah  |  . at .

    You rock!


  • 5. Fawndear  |  . at .

    I love how you do a little everyday. I started the year this way but slacked off and now want to get right back into it.
    Thanks for the declutter links.
    Now I’ve just got to pull myself off the computer long enough to start cleaning and organizing again.
    Thanks for the refresher!



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