3 Tips From WFMW Helped Me

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I don’t always submit an idea to Works-For-Me-Wednesday, but I always read the tips. I never know which tips are going to make my life easier, happier, or better. Below are 3 ideas that I found from last week’s suggestions.

  1. I used a cup of boiling water with some yucky lemons to clean out my yucky microwave. Here’s where I got the idea from the blog What About Mom. I put my sponge in a 2 cup measuring cup with water and one half of an old lemon. I cooked this “brew” for 5 minutes. The cleaning of the yucky microwave was pretty easy! Obviously, watch out for the HOT sponge. The sponge addition was my idea.
  2. Did you know that if you sign up/pay for Block Buster online via paypal you can get $25 back?  Bargain Shopper Lady describes how. Right now I use Redbox. But once I have more time for movies, I’ll be trying Block Buster.
  3. Vinegar and faucet match up to solve the constant drip – go to the blogsite of KC Jay Hawk for the scoop. I’ve had this leak for a long time in the bathroom faucet. So with some trepidation I took screwdriver in hand to dismantle the left side of the faucet. Great – only the top part of the handle comes off. I couldn’t figure out how to get the rest out so I could soak all the offending pieces. BUT! When I put it back, the leak stopped. Who knows why and for how long.

What are some of your newest tips?


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  • 1. Aunt LoLo  |  . at .

    Thanks for stopping by Bubba Bubbles, and for your well-wishes. I am feeling much better, thank you. The move was nearly 6 months ago. I’ve now entered the Scary Huge realm of the Third Trimester. Eek!

    Love this site!


  • 2. kcjayhawk  |  . at .

    i’m glad the vinegar worked for you (and you didn’t break a pipe like we did). i swear vinegar is good for almost everything.


  • 3. Duker  |  . at .

    Funny about the microwave thing. My DH who is nearly a foot taller than me, ALWAYS gripes about how dirty the microwave is. Well, as it is over the stove my response is, where, I cant see it….. One of the FEW times I am glad I am such a shrimp !
    I will pass this tip on to him so that he can clean that offensive microwave !!!!



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