A Post on Why I’m Not Regular and About Taking Five

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I notice that I am (sometimes) more consistent when I participate in group topics like the 30 Days of August Declutter Challenge, the weekly Works-For-Me-Wednesday opportunities, or the on again off again Running Shoes Writing Contests. This is true because it gives me the topic to write about. Plus, I love the communal aspect. Have something you want me to blog on?

I’m also more consistent when life is not so full of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual instances. And this has been my life for way too long now. FULL. It’s like, “Where do I even begin?”

So I’ll begin by saying as a result of the Women in Pain class I attended last week, on Monday night I went to a class (one of seven) on divorce recovery. I’ve been telling God that I prefer to wait until I’m done with seminary (Summer 09) before I delve into this unpredictable, painful mess.

I’m seeing that God prefers something else. Sigh. I paid for the book, so, I’ll go to the next class on Monday night. Probably.

Maybe I’ll blog about it. And maybe not. But I will journal and take time every week to do the “homework” God asks me to do. Even before Summer 09.

And I’ll be taking five today. Five minutes to do something fun. Spring talks about that idea here. 

And I’ll take some time for gratitude as well. Lynette has two posts on this.  Go here and here. The appropriate rock-a-bye music will certainly calm any spirit.

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  • 1. Spring  |  . at .

    Divorce Recovery. Just the name is daunting. I know we have to deal with these things or pay the price later, but I feel for you Susan. This is no easy walk of faith. I hope the class can help to lighten your load and brighten your life, freeing you for new and marvelous experiences, when you’re ready.

    Check my reply to your comment on my site.

    And many thanks for the link! It’s the very first time anybody has linked to me! I feel like such a “big girl” now 🙂


  • 2. Spring  |  . at .

    Oh wait! You asked if we have anything we’d like you to blog on. Yes!

    1. A typical “day in the life” would be cool (tell us about your typical day).

    2. If I could go anywhere, I’d go to……no restrictions on time, schedule, or money.

    3. The Best Thing I Ever Did Was…….I know as women we are conditioned to dance backward, cook souffles, and raise children all while wearing lipstick and perfectly coiffed hair and not appearing to break a sweat, but maybe we should tell our stories. If we don’t, who will?


  • 3. doodah  |  . at .

    Oh lady! I know how painful it is to go through the recovery process, but I’m so glad for you. My prayers are with you in this season of work and grieving and healing. Oh the release you will feel at the end!

    I would love to hear stories of some of the places you’ve lived – maybe different series organized by category “schools I’ve attended” “best friends I’ve had” “houses I’ve lived in” “churches I’ve gone to” “jobs I’ve had” etc.


  • 4. Elizabeth  |  . at .

    I am immensely proud of you for taking this painful step. You will feel better in the end. I am here for you.

    tons of love,
    your daughter



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