Hello Elizabeth, This Post Is 4 U; Plus Google Reader Warning

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Elizabeth recently signed up with Google Reader and is thrilled with it. “I keep waiting for something from you on Google Reader. C’mon it can be a short post,” she said to me today. Daughters, even very sweet and intelligent ones, can be bossy sometimes. ūüôā

But because I’m such a loving mom, here’s my post. With a tip even. About Google Reader. Sign up with caution. Those 5 or so blogs that you first put in, GROW very quickly. Toward the end of my time with Reader, I¬† easily had¬†100 blogs. What normal person can keep up with that many blogs?

Now, I’m back to a reasonable number: the blogs of my family and friends.

Oops. I lied. After a check I see that I do have some other blogs on there. Some of these might surprise you. Like . . . .

  • Best Article Everyday: That way I don’t have to look for them, they come to me.
  • Camian Academy: Cool homeschoolers doing cool learning.
  • Medical Ice: ¬†Dr. Shuwarger, an OB-GYN from¬†Virginia, USA¬†is spending a 20 week tour of duty from Oct 2008-Feb 2009 at McMurdo Station¬†in Antarctica as their staff physician. Lots of cool info about Antartica.
  • Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles: “Mother of a former 24-week micro-preemie. Determined advocate for the tiniest of babies. Firm believer in faith and miracles.” Inspirational and educational.
  • PhoenicieKonnection: ¬†Great way to keep connected with some friends living in the Middle East.
  • Sunday Scrappin’ is a “weekly blog meme for paper crafters.”¬† This is just a tease as I have yet to actualize any of the assignments or even my own ideas.
  • Too Many Recipes and “not enough time to try them all.” It really is funny that I look at cooking blogs, magazines or trade recipes. As that act seems to imply some intention of actually cooking. Don’t have much intention here, for the most part.

At some other time, I’ll point out the blogs that I know¬†and check on without the help of Reader.

If you feel like it, share some of the blogs that you read that might surprise us.

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  • 1. Spring  |  . at .

    This is totally embarrassing…I read “celebrity baby blog” and feministing.com blog (I know…) and YIKES! That’s enough for now!


  • 2. Theresa  |  . at .

    Thanks! Just what I needed – new blogs to feel guilty about not keeping up with! lol


  • 3. JessieLeigh  |  . at .

    It made my whole day to read this post! Thanks so much for your kind words. : )


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    Spring – LOL. IS that any worse than me reading “cooking” blogs when I KNOW I won’t cook. I

    nteresting read at feministing.com. I think it’s good to know how women are thinking in order to best minister to them. Thanks for the link.


  • 5. susan2009  |  . at .

    Jessie, you are welcome. Thanks for visitng my place too.


  • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

    Theresa, I know. There are so many blogs one could read.



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