Turn Up The Music Song Inspires Thankful List of 20

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Tonight while browsing the grief section at B&N, I met Andrea and Rob. They are a couple in their mid-life years. Last week they were a couple hustling and bustling with life.

Today they are  bowled-over, knocked down and and torn apart with grief. Their 21 year old son died.

You just never know which day will be the last one with someone or a pet. Which day will be the last day in that job, home, or healthy body. So, for today, Live life well, loving on those important people in 1086092_song_amazing-grace1your life.

Listen to this song by Point of Grace: How You Live, Turn Up the Music. Here are some things I’m thankful for that the song points out or prompted me to think/do . . . .

  1. Waking up this morning with a gentle breeze ruffling my red curtains and the sound of cars mingling with a barking dog (it was a pleasant sound)
  2. Someone has been kind to me so I wrote a thank you note
  3. My dishes remind me of my momma because she and I only had 30 minutes to buy all I wanted from a Portmerion factory shop in England. These are my good dishes and I’ve used them every day for many, many years now.
  4. Wearing a beautiful sweater given to me by Lenny. I received several compliments on it today.
  5. Making wishesI love thinking about the possibilities of what could be. I make wishes when I am in a car and go into a tunnel. I put my hand on the ceiling of the car and make wishes the whole time we are in the tunnel. I’ve done this every time since my 20’s.
  6. Have what I want – friends and family who affirm me, a peaceful home, clean rooms, a masters degree (June 2009), healthy body, sound mind, growing relationship with God and people, a vibrant church – to name a few things.
  7. I want what I have– I have been making this thought a priority lately. It is definitely helping me be more grateful and content.
  8. A peaceful mind – Don’t let regrets rule my mind – I am learning that it is futile to live life peering into the rear view mirror. As the song says, “Don’t spend your life looking back.”
  9. Music -it definitely affects my mood. No faithless, back-stabbing country music lyrics for me. Turn up this song from Point of Grace LOUD. It will do your heart some good. What are some of your do your heart some good songs?
  10. Taking chances – I am your basic vanilla chance-taker but I am risking some. I went to Jordan last year with a team to teach English. I am getting my masters degree. I am grateful for those two things. That’s about all I can think of, but my dd is a great chance taker. Last summer she spent 49 days traveling the Pacific Northwest without an itinerary or much money. Go here to read about her journey.
  11. Ballgames, ballet and holiday visits – Did that when the kiddos were younger. I do want to make those types of outings a priority again. Once I’m done with school I’ll have that time. If I don’t, please knock me upside the head! BUT, I will check and see if Emmy has any more soccer games left. If yes, I”l go.
  12. Kissing and hugging my children – every chance I get when I see them and when they leave
  13. Dancing with Chip – he’s not too fond of this activity, but it makes me smile. Someday I’ll have (grand)babies to dance with again. Do you remember letting them step on your toes and the two of you would twirl around?
  14. Facing the truth – being a truth teller and hearer and knowing that truth really does set me free
  15. Giving to the needy – “Everyone can help one childI wrote at this post. Doing this reminds me that for the grace of God go I. And if it was my child who was hungry and in need of shelter, education, clothes, safety, I would hope that someone would help him/her. I am grateful that I can help someone today.
  16. Praying for the grieving – We have several women at church who’ve lost husbands. I pray for them and their families. I’ll be praying for Andrea and Rob. Will you join me? I am thankful that my grief journey is not at an intense point today. I am thankful for those who have loved on me, been patient with me and prayed for me.
  17. Peace with God – I’m not always in this spot. I am grateful that today and right now I am.
  18. Peace with myself – Again this isn’t always true, but it is today, right now.
  19. It’s not about me – Enough said on that one.
  20. It’s about how I lived – Especially in taking care of my relationships

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